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How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

.holiday domain


A .holiday domain extension is a top-level domain (TLD) that is specifically designed for websites related to holidays, vacations and celebratory events. Choosing a domain extension that aligns with the content and purpose of your website can enhance its visibility and help users understand the nature of your site from the start. 

The .holiday domain extension was introduced in 2014 to provide a specialized TLD for businesses, organizations and individuals in the travel, hospitality and event planning industries.

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Why use a .holiday domain extension?

  • Ideal for businesses and websites focused on holidays, travel, tourism and event planning.

  • Provides a unique and memorable domain name, making it easier for users to remember.

  • Enhances and specifies brand identity for businesses associated with holiday-related services.

When to use .holiday vs .com


  • Seasonal Focus: Utilize .holiday when your business or website specifically revolves around holiday-related content, services or promotions.

  • Targeted Campaigns: Ideal for businesses running seasonal or holiday-specific marketing campaigns, offering a clear thematic connection.

  • Vacation or Event Planning: Suitable for websites focused on travel, event planning or providing resources and information about holidays and celebrations.


  • Global Branding: Opt for .com when aiming for a global audience, providing a broader, international brand presence.

  • Universal Recognition: .com enjoys widespread recognition, making it suitable for creating a brand with a broad reach beyond specific themes or locations.

  • Diverse Business Focus: Use .com for businesses or personal websites not primarily focused on holidays, catering to various products, services or information without a holiday-specific theme.


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How to register a .holiday domain

  1. Choose a reliable domain registrar, like Wix. 

  2. Check for the availability of your desired .holiday domain. You can use a domain name search tool to do this. 

  3. Select a registration period (usually 1 year, renewable).

  4. Provide accurate registration information.

  5. Complete the payment process.

With Wix, domain name registration is part of your premium plan when making a website.

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.holiday domain extension FAQ

Can anyone register a .holiday domain?

Yes, .holiday domains are open for registration by individuals, businesses and organizations globally.

Are there any restrictions on .holiday domain usage?

There are generally no specific restrictions on who can register a .holiday domain, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Can I transfer my existing domain to the .holiday extension?

Domain transfers are subject to the policies of your current domain registrar and the .holiday registry. Contact your registrar for specific guidance.

Is there a renewal fee for .holiday domains?

Yes, like most domain extensions, .holiday domains require renewal fees to maintain ownership. Check with your domain registrar for pricing details. Wix domains are renewable on a yearly basis.

Can I use a .holiday domain for non-holiday-related content?

While technically possible, it's recommended to use .holiday domains for content related to holidays, travel and events to maintain relevance and user expectations.


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