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Wix and Dribbble contest: Inside the mind of a designer

Dribbble Contest

What goes on inside the mind of a designer? Share your inner workings with the Dribbble community, and maybe win some hot prizes along the way.

Every creative has their unique way of thinking. For some of us, our brains are a mess of never-ending trains of thought, while others resemble a meticulously organized archive, cataloging tiny bits of information. There are those who think in color and shape, those who wonder in fragmented words, and those who glide through various emotional states. Whether you're a freelance graphic designer or work as part of a broader company organization, we know that your mind works in creative and mysterious ways. Whatever it looks like – we want to see it.

The Wix Design team is made up of more than 150 sizzling creative spirits, resulting in a huge variety of thought processes and artistic styles. And we believe that expressing these unique and distinctive minds at their absolute best is what it takes to achieve real creative freedom. That’s why, following the earthshaking success of our Playground contest, we’ve teamed up with Dribbble to host another exclusive playoff for creative souls everywhere – introducing: Designer’s Mind.

Wix and Dribbble Contest: Inside the Mind of a Designer

Speak your mind

Here’s your task: pick your brains and let us in on the inner workings of your mind as a designer. Express what goes on inside your head using any medium or technique you want – animation, GIF, 3D model, illustration and more. To take part, simply rebound this Dribbble shot with your creation. Submissions are accepted until May 4th, so don’t wait too long.

Our part of the deal: a panel of judges from Dribbble and the Wix Design Team will pick a grand prize winner and two runner-ups. The lucky winners will get $2,000 ($1,000 for the runner-ups) towards digital design products of their choice, plus a 2-year Premium Plan, and Dribbble Pro for a year. Additional prizes will be awarded to a fan favorite and ten honorable mentions.

Ready to blow our minds? Enter the Designer’s Mind on Dribbble, now!

Click here for the official rules of the contest.

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