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This is how we decided to advertise in the big game… yesterday

This Is How We Decided to Advertise in the Big Game… Yesterday

There are certain things in life that always seem to be done at the last minute. Like packing for your vacation, buying presents, drying your hair…and preparing a spot for the biggest TV event of the year. Yes, you read that right: for the fourth time running, Wix will be live at the Big Game, with YouTube superstars Rhett & Link! And we only decided that, well, yesterday.

As crazy as it sounds, this is the story of how a leading website builder and major Internet player, with over 120 million users, is making the impossible possible – in record time. Get ready for a serious shot of adrenaline.

Here’s how it happened

Over the last couple of months, we’ve released some amazing announcements (Did you just say a commercial with Karlie Kloss? Or our Playground for professional designers and creative spirits?). However, the Big Game wasn’t one of them. You may have been shocked not to see our name amongst the lists of companies that will broadcast a spot in 2018. And well, there was a good reason behind it: we initially decided not to participate.

We know that’s a lot to take in, so let’s rewind. It all started when our boss received a message at 6 A.M. in Tel Aviv with an exciting opportunity. “Although we had to deliver a Super Bowl spot by 1 A.M. the next morning, we took the decision to go for it”, said Omer Shai, CMO at Wix. “We always said we may return, but even this soon was unexpected for us.” The challenge was too tempting to refuse. So here we are.

Rhett & Link – ready for kickoff!

For the spot itself, we have the huge pleasure to partner up with two of our favorite online stars: Rhett and Link. This duo has the most-watched daily show on the Internet: Good Mythical Morning – which boasts a whopping 5 billion total views! On top of that, they are proud users and great fans of Wix. So the choice was pretty obvious, right? And because they are just as excited as we are, they’ve prepared (in truly record time) this hilarious announcement video:

48 hours to prepare for the Big Game

Tick, tock… the countdown has begun and here at Wix we’re only at the start of our journey. Which is why we’re stretching every single second we have. This entire effort involves an incredible amount of talented and dedicated teams, who are now only consuming coffee in hectoliters. And of course, the shining star: our ad.

Can’t wait till Sunday? Well, you don’t have to! Take a peek at what we got up to with Rhett & Link >>

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