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10 free online tools to create stunning social media graphics

Visual content is an inseparable part of social media. People engage with visuals on a whole different level than what they do with text. How different? We process visuals 60,000 times faster than text! That’s why visual content is so important for social media marketing. When you promote your business, your art or your project, using visual content will deliver significantly better results.

But how do you create images for social media posts if you don’t have much experience with graphic design? The answer, as always, is online. Just as Wix offers an intuitive online platform to create a website, there are multiple services you can use to create various types of graphics posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – and more. These neat apps and tools are available online for free, and you don’t need to be a design wizard to work wonders with them.

We handpicked ten of our favorite online tools that simplify the process of creating various types of graphics such as images, gift certificates, vouchers, gifs and memes for social media. Use these excellent tools to design and publish superb social content and boost your social media presence, while making it easier to monetize your platform (such as making money on TikTok). Without further ado, check out the 10 best (& free) tools to create stunning social media graphics:

01. Wix Social Posts: Design attention-grabbing content

There are many visual editing tools available online, but this free tool’s huge advantage is that it was created specifically for designing social media posts. The main goal of Social Posts is to support small biz owners in creating professional, eye-catching visuals quickly and easily. As a Wix user, you can choose from a variety of templates and customize it to fit your brand’s identity. Social media posts are a great way to engage with your followers across multiple platforms as well as announce special sales and events. Plus, every social media post is an opportunity to drive traffic to your website. With a large pool of visuals, colors, patterns, fonts and stickers to choose from, you can create unique posts to draw your followers’ attention right away.

To create a Social Post:

  • Go to (If you’re not a user already, it will only take a few seconds to sign up. Plus, it’s free!)

  • Open your site’s dashboard

  • Click ‘Marketing Tools’ on the left

  • Select 'Social Posts’

  • Hover over and click on a template to edit or click ‘Create Post’

  • After you’re done creating, share your beautiful creation on all your social media platforms

02. Giphy: Make your own fun GIFs

GIFs are one of the most enjoyable aspects of using social media. They can say so much with so little and they are extremely contagious. This is what makes GIFs such a great visual element for social media and a proven way to boost engagement. Giphy is your one-stop-shop for all things GIF. You can either browse through its amazing library of content, which is fully available for use, or you can create your very own GIFs and make some viral content.

03. Gravit: Beautify your feed

Gravit is a favorite in the open source graphic design community. Basically, you can use it to design almost anything, from mobile apps, through professional presentations, to Facebook cover photos. Its powerful platform makes it very popular with professional designers, but it is not limited to users with design experience only. The regular version is intuitive to learn and work with, but if you like to keep things super simple.

05. Befunky: Create stunning and helpful infographics

If you’re a fan of knowledge visualization, you will love Befunky’s infographic building tool. It offers a great variety of templates to work with and plenty of customization options, including stock images that you can use for free. With so much freedom and an easy-to-use editor, you can create professional infographics that are useful, persuasive and sharp.

06. Biteable, Wix Video Maker, and Pexels: Utilize free stock images and videos

Small business owners, artists and freelancers usually can’t afford grand photoshoots and video productions. Luckily, stock images and videos give even people on a small budget access to great visual content. The problem with stock visuals is that they often look unreal and unrelatable. That’s why we recommend Pexels and Biteable for your stock visual needs. Pexels offers fantastic images, while Biteable and Wix's Video Maker’s specialty is superb video clips.

07. Flipagram: Combine visuals into a fun slideshow

Flipagram is all about creating stories: Moving, entertaining or inspiring stories. This app connects to your mobile photo library or to your social media albums, combining your photos and videos into one great slideshow that tells your story just how you want it to be told. You can also add music from a large audio gallery, or even upload your own sounds.

08. Recite: Nail the quote visuals

Words of wisdom are big on social media. They’re uplifting, motivating and very shareable. But no matter how inspirational the quotes are, they need to look great too. Recite is a wonderful tool that lets you design a social quote post with gorgeous backgrounds, smart font choice and colors that stand out on the feed. All you need to do is type in the words, choose a template and publish it.

Free social media tools: Recite

09. Draw. io: Create brilliant diagrams

Numbers and stats are not visually appetizing, but a sleek diagram can communicate information in a clear and pleasing manner. is an online diagram creator that helps you depict data with engaging visuals like charts, graphs, maps or tables. Your social media followers are unlikely to read complex text that details all that information, but if you present it in the form of a diagram you have far better chances of it getting noticed.

10. Lumen5: Visualize your text as videos

Video content is an engagement powerhouse. With online tools like Lumen5, creating great videos is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. But Lumen5 is not just any video editing gizmo. It actually converts text into gorgeous marketing videos. Using AI (artificial intelligence) technology, Lumen5 scans your text and transforms your words into moving pictures. All you need to do is enter a URL that includes your texts (like a blog post, or an online article), and Lumen5 will do the rest.

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