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Take online orders & show off your menu with Wix restaurants!

Take Online Orders & Show Off Your Menu with Wix Restaurants!

A perfectly cooked steak, zesty vegetable dishes and delectable desserts – we’ll have one of everything on the menu, please. Well, that’s what everyone will think once your gorgeous website is up and running. Wix Restaurants has made it easier than ever to take every aspect of your restaurant (menus, online ordering, reservations and more) online with a seriously stunning website. The best part? All of those orders your new website is about to receive are all 100% commission free.

Ready to order? Let this quick video break down the specials:

Customize Your Website

Whether you’ve got a funky food truck, a local family diner or are on your way to snagging a Michelin Star, you’ll be able to showcase your business through fully customizable restaurant templates.

Customize your Site

Manage Your Menu

It’s no secret that your restaurant has the most enticing dishes in town, and now that you’ve created a beautiful restaurant website, you can lure your customers in from near and far. You have complete control over the design of your menu; from adding dishes, daily specials, prices and photos, you’re guaranteed to have mouths watering everywhere. Want to expand your reach? No sweat. You can share your menu with customers by adding it your business’s Facebook page. Ka-ching!

Simplify Online Ordering

It’s 2016 and it’s time to get real. No one wants to pick up the phone and place their order any more. It’s all about the ease and comfort of doing it online. With Wix’s seamless online ordering feature, your customers can place their orders and pay directly through your website from any device. You can setup multiple delivery areas or make it easy for in-house pick.

And don’t worry, we take zero commission. After all, this is your business – not ours!

Simplify online ordering

Reservations Made Easy

Taking table reservations over the phone is so yesterday. Now customers can conveniently book their table directly on your website with apps like Open Table. Which means you can spend more time kicking butt at work and less time on the phone. Everybody wins!

Encourage Conversation

If you’ve got a huge following (and we’re sure you do) consider checking out the Wix App Market to add the Customer Reviews app and let everyone know just how much people love your restaurant. You can even add the Display Any Social Feeds app to encourage customers to share their experiences right on your website from their social networks.

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