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These 3 Photographers Will Have Their Work on the Cover of a Magazine

Have you heard? Wix and Condé Nast joined forces to give photographers a once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot the cover of a major magazine. The only thing needed to enter was sheer talent and a stunning photography portfolio that shows off their best work.

Thousands submitted, and when it came down to it, photo editors and directors from Vanity Fair, Condé Nast Traveler and Brides magazine handpicked the photographers who they thought would be the best fit to shoot the cover of their magazine.

And the winners are….

Nicholas La for Condé Nast Traveler!

Just 5 days after being chosen to shoot the cover of Condé Nast Traveler’s November issue, Nicholas La was told to pack his bags and head for a secret location where the shooting would take place.

Born in China, Nicholas’ family immigrated to California when he was just 2 years old. Raised in a low-income neighborhood plagued by street violence, Nicholas turned to photography as a way to escape. “When I was younger, traveling never seemed possible, especially where I grew up. Now that I’m traveling often through photography, it just lets me know that anything is possible,” he says.

Nicholas’ Photography Tip:

“I make sure to update my online portfolio with my latest work as much as possible, and I use Wix so I can do that quickly while making sure it looks exactly the way I want.”

Tony Salvagio for Vanity Fair

“When I’m looking at somebody’s work, I’m really looking to see a level of style and elegance… the stakes are high” – Susan White, Photography Director for Vanity Fair. After pouring through thousands of submissions, Susan and her team of photo editors at Vanity Fair decided on street photographe Tony Salvagio to assist a celebrity photographer on an upcoming Vanity Fair shoot.

A Vanity Fair cover shoot may not seem like the most natural fit for a street photographer, but, with its focus on a particular individual, it’s clear that there’s more to the two art-forms than meets the eye. “I am utterly fascinated by people, I love observing them interact with the environment they’re in” notes Salvagio.

Tony is originally from Texas and has only been taking photos professionally for the past 5 years.

Max Montgomery for Brides Magazine

“We are a fashion magazine, and we need photographers that have a fashion edge” – Jenifer Walter, Creative Director for Brides Magazine.

You could say that Max Montgomery was born with a silver camera lens in hand. Max’s father was a photographer who gifted him his first camera at just 13. By 18 Max was already interning for famous fashion photographer Mario Testino. Since then, Max has worked professionally with some of the top names in fashion including: Heidi Klum, Dua Lipa and Carmella Rose… just to name a few.

Max’s Photography Tip:

“You cannot comprise the platform that you present your high-quality images on. I use Wix to present my work. I have high-quality images, and I rely on a platform that can meet my standards.”

We want to thank the thousands of Wix photographers who submitted their portfolio website. Entries came from over 150 countries and 35 languages, and we were truly blown away by the quality of the work that was submitted.

Get more eyes on your photography. Create your own online portfolio with Wix!

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