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Online Photography Classes for All Genres and Levels

Online Photography Classes

Rather than gear, than presets, than likes, give me knowledge. If you want your photography website to be remembered, you’ll need to take photos that people cannot ignore. In a world where 14 trillion pictures are taken every day, that is not an easy task. Sure, talent plays a role in how good your images will turn out. Yet without hard work talent is simply irrelevant. This is why it is so important to dedicate time to develop your photographic skills and expertise.

Unfortunately, time is not something most of us have a lot of. And while you would probably do whatever it takes to find a moment to take photos, you might not be able to commit to attending photography lessons. Luckily for you, nowadays there’s (nearly) nothing that can’t be done online. From lighting and composition to post processing and business growth, all you need to do is find something you’re interested in and start learning – whenever, wherever. Here are some of the best free and paid platforms to study a wide variety of online photography classes:

With nearly 1,000 photography and video classes available at your fingertips, CreativeLive is one of the most popular platforms among creatives. Their courses touch upon an extensive range of topics, including mobile photography, business tips, basic fundamentals, and post processing software. Every class is composed of a series of videos, with some classes providing over a hundred of them. Before you join a class, you’ll be able to preview some of the lessons to make sure that it is what you’re looking for. Additionally, you’ll have access to exclusive class materials and will be able to participate in class assignments.

Any of the classes can be accessed on demand at any time. Prices depend on the topic. Those interested in taking diverse online photography classes can buy a classified bundle. By doing so, you’ll be granted access to a series of courses aimed at providing expertise on a certain category.

Every class on CreativeLive is initially offered for free via streaming. The platform allows users to browse upcoming classes and RSVP in order to get a notification once the class goes live.

Pricing: Per course, $9 to $199

online photography classes

Because of the long list of subjects covered, Skillshare is among the most popular online learning platforms. Skillshare offers more than 1,000 photography classes covering a wide variety of subjects, such as, photographic composition, photo retouching, social media, and gear. Every class is broken down to short lessons that will only take a few minutes out of your busy schedule.

The platform has partnered with dozens of renowned photographers to share their expertise with the community. Some of the most popular online photography courses are taught by National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale, urban photographer Trashhand, and adventure photographer Chris Burkard. In order to strengthen the sense of community, each class has diverse assignments that students must share with the class, as well as a message board where they can communicate between each other and with the teacher.

You can sign up to Skillshare at no cost and enjoy some of their free online photography courses.

Pricing: Subscription, $15 monthly or $99 annually

Ever since and LinkedIn Leaning merged their archives, the platform has become one of the largest offerings of online photography courses. There are nearly 25,000 video tutorials available, divided into more than 600 courses. Some of the tutorials can even be watched for free without a membership. Covered subjects include gear, management, software, and online portfolios.

In order to allow users to easily find the photography classes that best fit them, it is possible to browse not only by topic and software, but also by skill level. The intermediate level accounts for the highest number of entries, followed by beginner and advanced. There are nearly 100 courses appropriate for all levels.

I addition to the regular courses, Lynda. com also offers learning paths, documentaries, and weekly series. Learning paths are built by combining diverse classes that provide a full dive into a specific topic. These paths are dedicated to specific photographic genres or skills, such as mobile photography or post processing. Documentaries are stand-alone videos that follow the creative process of professional photographers. Last, but not least, weekly series are ongoing classes that are regularly updated with new videos.

Pricing: Subscription, $30 monthly or $300 annually

Despite not being dedicated exclusively to photography, Udemy is the platform with the higher number of online photography classes available. There are more than 1,500 courses on different photography genres, editing techniques, and gear guides offered on the site.

Udemy also seems to be the most international of the platforms on this list, as it lists over 20 languages in which there is at least one photography class available. Nearly two-thirds of the videos are captioned, making it a great fit for those who feel more comfortable following written instructions.

A hundred of the courses are offered for free, the majority of which are catered to beginner users.

Pricing: Per course, $9 to $300

online photography classes

This platform is slightly different than the previously mentioned ones as it is the online version of a historical academic institution. The New York Institute of Photography was founded in 1910 and was initially based in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Chicago. It is also considered the world’s oldest and largest photography school. Through all of its history, the school’s teachers and mentors have always been professional photographers.

NYIP currently offers ten online photography courses. Each of them is focused on a specific genre, skill or software. Students are able to use an online forum to communicate with their peers and share their assignments and questions. On top of that, the school has created a mentor program aimed at encouraging conversation between students and teachers.

Graduates receive a NYIP certificate and are eligible to become certified by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Pricing: Per course, $899 divided in monthly payments

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The Wix Photography Blog is written by photographers for photographers. Along with this, professionals from many other fields participate in the creation process in order to make sure that we always provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Free resources

There are so many incredibly talent photographers out there who want to share their expertise with the community. Chances are that you are already following a few of them via social media who regularly create tutorials about certain skills which they have mastered. If not, we strongly recommend that you spend some time researching what’s out there for you to learn from. Here are four of the most popular and free online photography classes (or lessons) that can be found outside of traditional platforms:

Pricing: Free!

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