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Beautiful Fall Pictures That Prove It Is the Best Season of the Year

It’s hard not to love fall. Drinking hot cider, wearing comfy sweaters, ‘showing off your pumpkin carving skills to the neighborhood… but most especially, being surrounded by outstanding beauty anywhere you look. What better way to celebrate this beauty than sharing it with the world on your photography website?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about fall photos is probably is probably orange leaves covering trees and the earth like a blanket. Doing a quick search across the web seems to suggest that this is all this season has to offer to photographers. Maybe a pumpkin or two courtesy of the adventurous among us. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. To prove it, we have put together a amazing selection of beautiful fall pictures by Wix photographers that will show you just how many sides there are to this season.

Warm moments

Paulius Kumpys’ beautiful fall pictures capture the most comforting side of the season. His compositions use shallow depth of field to focus on small subjects, paying special attention to how light sets them apart from their surroundings. This results in gentle scenes that do an incredible job at transmitting the feeling encapsulated in that moment.

sunset over corn field

small fruit plant at sunset

bugs flying over field at sunset

Wild side

Autumn marks the beginning of the long dry season on the African savanna biome. Very little rain falls in these areas during this season, and most of the plants die or shrivel. Robert Kenny’s work captures the contrast of the dying flora with the very much alive fauna which inhibits the savanna. His incredible talent with light and color results in jaw-dropping wildlife portraits.

elephant walking on dry field

lion roaring on dry field

ostrich standing on dry field

Tiny beauty

Edmond Keshishyan’s macro photography captures are a celebration of the small pleasures autumn has to offer. His eye for detail, paired with excellent composition skills, results in images of unreal beauty. In his water drops series, Edmond is able to create intricate miniature worlds that most of us cannot imagine, even in our craziest dreams.

macro photo of water drops on curled twig

macro photo of water drops on grass

macro photo of water drops on spider web

Undisturbed city

Edwin A. Edou’s photos prove that fall is also a fantastic season for urban photography. As tourist season dies down, relative calm comes back to cities. As a result, the opportunity to capture a less seen side of these concrete jungles also arises. Edwin’s skilled used of light and color, paired with great timing, give each scene a uniquely serene perspective.

city sunset seen from road

river and bridge seen from below

urban streets after rain

Great outdoors

Wolgang Schönak’s images prove that it’s possible to take foliage autumn photos without falling for the cliché. His extraordinary composition skills allow him to capture beautiful landscape photos that draw your attention across the scenery. With his images, Wolgang says he aims to set the viewer’s attention in a peaceful, gentle atmosphere.

bridge over river leading to forest

autumn leaves covering forest ground

road on autumn mountain over sea

Mighty sky

Is there a better feeling in the world than laying down covered with the blanket as you hear the rain fall outside your window? For people like James Smart, it’s even better to chase storms that look like portals to the upside down and capture their magnificent power. James’ work has been recognized by numerous publications, including National Geographic and Manfrotto School Of Xcellence.

tornado reaching farm

storm and tornado over field

storm an lighting at sunset

Pure happiness

With great autumn colors come great portraits. Svetlana Tuzlukova takes advantage of the season’s natural colors to capture adorable children pictures that will make your heart melt. Combining her skills of portrait and pet photography, she achieves dreamy compositions that perfectly convey the sweet and magic innocence of each scene she photographs.

little girls dressed as witches at sunset

bunny held by little girl on field

little girl feeding dog on field

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