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A piece of toast, fresh orange juice, and a shot of Instagram: as a photographer, that’s the only thing you need to feed you in the morning. This is how you get your daily dose of inspiration, find new techniques, connect with fellow shutterbugs, and see how the people you’re following are experimenting and pushing the limits of their art. One step further, you find yourself opening the app every time you want to upload your newest pics, keep your own community excited, or simply catch the attention of potential new clients.

But more importantly, Instagram is a great place (if not the greatest) to maximize your work’s exposure. That’s the whole idea behind the multiple hubs (or “feature accounts”) that you’ll find on the network. These visibility boosters are pages that curate and share the most beautiful pictures out there, crediting the artist behind the lens. You can imagine Instagram for photographers as a kind of art gallery, if you wish. While most of them are dedicated to a single genre or niche, a few still stick to the ambition of embracing photography in all of its facets. That’s the case for our very own, brand new photography account on Instagram:

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There, we publish our favorite pictures published on the Wix portfolios of talented photographers – whether they are beginners or experts, already famous or totally anonymous. It’s free publicity for them, and valuable inspiration for our community. Sounds like a win-win, right? Don’t tune out for more than 24 hours, though! You might miss one of our great Stories highlighting the work of renowned professionals (who are also known to share their favorite photo tricks), not to mention the exclusive activities and contests we run for our fellow photographers.

Because social media shouldn’t limit your creativity, but only bolster it, we don’t curate the work based on the latest trends or the hottest Instagram filters. Instead, we focus on the creative statement that you make – and well, how it pleases our eyes matters, too. Any genre, technique or vibe is welcome, as you can see in this selection here:

Have some amazing work to share with the world? Simply add the #WixPhotography tag to your best Instagram posts for a chance to be picked and showcased on @wix_photography!

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