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Business Tips \ Nov 24th 2017

5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Income as a Wedding Photographer

Do you want to grow your income as a wedding photographer while booking the same number of clients? It’s simple: add packages that will be valuable to your clients while increasing your studio’s income. The key is to make sure the extras you’re offering are something that your clients will be excited about and will make their wedding even more special. Once you’ve enriched your services, simply publish them on your photography website for an optimal impact.

Aside from the extra money, you can expect other benefits in the long run, too. Happy clients will grow your business, either through referrals to their friends or positive reviews. Keep this in mind. So how do you earn that extra cash? From classic albums and prints to wild “trash the dress” sessions, here are 5 clever and simple services that can increase your income as a wedding photographer.

She said yes: Offer engagement sessions

Adding an engagement session to your list of packages is the single most beneficial add-on. Doing so will allow your clients to bond with you before their big day, making things more comfortable for everyone. This way, you will know what style works best to capture the most amazing photos of them. These sessions are so much fun to plan and it’s the perfect chance for your clients to get involved and choose a special location – where they met, their favorite hiking spot, or a romantic beach. It’s a great opportunity for you to show them your confidence and creativity and build their trust. When the wedding day comes, they will feel at ease, especially with posed shots which will be more natural for them to take part in.

It’s easy to offer this package to clients: explain how much of a difference it makes for your relationship with them, how it’s a chance to capture photos of them at a fun time, and that they are the perfect photos to use for ‘save the date’ cards or on their wedding slideshow. Let’s sum it up: happy couple, increased profits, and more creative photos on your clients’ wedding day. We say yes!

couple kissing in a flower field

Timing is everything: Provide fixed packages

Offering packages with fixed duration is our second best choice that is both beneficial to your clients and to your business. This isn’t about boxing your clients in: providing various packages will allow them to choose what is comfortable for them. Some couples want a quick photo session before the ceremony, some only want the party. Based on their needs, you can choose the breakdown according to your constraints and preferences. Here are a few popular options for inspiration:

  • 3 hours: For couples who are eloping or having a very casual wedding.
  • 5 hours: For capturing the ceremony and reception.
  • 7 hours: This package could include photos of the couple getting ready up until the dancing starts.
  • 9-10 hours: This package captures the whole day, from the bride getting ready until the newlyweds leave for the night.

These are just some ideas, you can get creative with how many hours you give to clients and what it will include. Just make sure they understand exactly what they choose. A client can go for a package of 5 hours, but may not realize that it won’t include photos of the late night dancing. Be as descriptive as possible on your website when it comes to the packages you offer; you shouldn’t feel that having these conversations makes you a pushy salesperson. On the contrary: it helps your clients know exactly what they’re getting on a day that only comes once.

Paper is safer: Print photo albums

Include albums & prints in your more luxurious packages. These packages are usually for couples that want it all. There are so many options for premium paper, different levels of quality for albums, and options for framed photos. Take the time to show your clients samples of albums and prints and explain what each package includes. It’s definitely an advantage to have a few sample albums and prints created so that you can hand your clients something tangible when you first meet with them.

For clients that opted for a package with an album and prints, it’s important to set up a meeting after their wedding. During that time, you can share your full photo set with them and allow them to choose their favorites for their album and prints. Once they’ve made their choices, you’ll be able to design the album based on their choices.
Don’t have time for another meeting? With Wix Photo Albums you can create an online album in just a click and send to your client for review. The album will be published as a separate mini-website with your credentials and logo, where you can control image sharing options like right-click download and social shares. This way, your clients can choose their favorite photos at their convenience, and you can send them to print without leaving your workstation.

a wedding photo album

Dresses relieve stresses: Add a special session

Now for the most fun package to add: a ‘Trash the dress’ session! Brides who choose this are pretty rock and roll. Here’s how it usually works. On the day after the wedding, you’ll get together with the bride and photograph her doing something adventurous in her wedding dress. This can be anything from the bride running through waves to laying in a field of flowers. Photographers have gotten pretty creative with this concept and you can see plenty of original photos on the Internet to get inspiration. What’s more fun than a bride putting her dress back on after your wedding day and just letting loose? It’s a great way to relieve the pressure, get some great shots, and hey… the dress can always be dry cleaned after if it gets covered in sand! Not everyone is into this type of shoot, but for the ones that are, it’s the cherry on top of a perfect photography package.

bride swimming underwater

Your “altar” ego: Book a second shooter

Having another talented photographer back you up, capture different angles, and basically allow you to be in two places at once is in fact, priceless. With the exception of couples on a budget, it’s recommended to include a second photographer in every offer. It’s crucial to explain to your clients the reasons why it’s valuable.

Working with a second shooter will finally let you “dance at two weddings at once”. Your backup can be with the groom during his preparations, while you are with the bride during hers; they can be taking wide angle photos of the reception while you capture the bride walking down the aisle… The list goes on. For more ideas, check out our must-have wedding photography checklist. The result: a rich perspective and a more compelling wedding album.


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Julia Ronen
By Julia Ronen
Creative Content Developer for Wix Expert Communities

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