9 Ways To Give Your Photography Business A Personal Touch

Being a professional photographer is a very demanding biz. Photography skills are obviously essential, but you also need to demonstrate so many other traits: a super outgoing personality, loads of patience, stellar negotiation skills, a marketing genius, a strong physique to carry all that equipment, and of course – a knack for web design to create your stunning online portfolio. Even if you’ve nailed your art, it’s the little things that can make you stand out.

Do you also appreciate it when you find a small chocolate on your pillow at a hotel? You can give your customers that same warm feeling. The next time you’re closing a deal consider adding in one of the following extra’s. The item itself might be of little value, but the effect on your relationship with the client will be priceless. Not only will there be a greater chance that your clients will return to you in the future, they will also gladly recommend you to their friends. In other words, the pleasant memory you’ll leave in their hearts is your best marketing strategy. So which gesture will you choose to take your photo business to the next level?

Wedding website is on me

When you meet with your clients, try to find out if they already have a website with the all the event details. Hopefully they don’t, so you can dazzle them with an offer to create one for free! With Wix’s beautiful and thought-through Events templates, it won’t take you more than 30 minutes – simply enter the event’s info, add some beautiful photos and transfer the site in one click for the happy couple to take the lead! If you’ve tried Wix before, you know how easy it is (and needless to say – free). All that’s left is for your clients to be amazed by your online super-powers and kindness!

Throw in an online Album too

Wix Photo Albums is an absolute must for all events and commissioned photographers. This amazing free feature enables you to create an online photo album on a dedicated site (that can also appear as a gallery on your website) to easily share the most beautiful photos from the event. Your clients and their family and friends will appreciate the smooth and easy way to share and download their favorite photos. Of course, the albums can be password-protected to preserve the privacy of your clients. Last but not least, with Wix, you can create as many albums as you want… all for free!

Surprize souvenir

Print a selected photo of the couple on a mug / t-shirt / fridge magnet / coaster or simply put a stand out photo in a nice frame – give it to them as a gift when you meet them after the wedding, saying it was a pleasure. It doesn’t cost much, and the effect of the pleasant surprise will make all the difference.

Thank you for the “Thank you” card

If the couple or the event organizers are planning to send a ‘Thank You’ card to their guests, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to show your generosity. Pick a great photo from the happy day, edit it a little and send it to them. You can actually create a quick online card with Wix ShoutOut. Simply add a title, a short sentence, a fun background plus the photo and hit send! This way your clients can easily forward the ecard to their guests. After a few times you’ll probably have a couple of preferred designs, that will serve as templates in the future. Easy-peasy!

Your Digital Business Card

It’s quite common today to deliver the final images to the client using a USB stick. Are you making the most of this step for yourself though? Putting your business name on the USB stick might cost a little, but it’s a worthwhile investment in marketing and getting your name out there. Your clients receive a free memory card, and you receive a spot in their memory – a win-win situation.

Small donation, big impact

The little extra doesn’t always have to be tangible. For some, the greatest gift is helping others. If you sense that your client is the type of person that likes giving back to the community, you can allocate 5-10% from your profits to the cause of your clients’ choice. Just make sure you take that into account when pricing your services for the project.

GIF them a cinemagraph

Allow your clients to astonish their friends with a neat cinemagraph or GIF from the event. Whether it’s, bubbling champagne, shooting fireworks, or a flowing gown – the moving element will keep everyone’s eyes on the pic. For avid Photoshop users making a cinemagraph is no biggy, while for the couple – it’s one more thing to make their wedding stand out (and your photography services too).

Instant Insta

Social media is all about real-time. But the happy couple is so busy with being, well… a happy couple, they don’t have time to share the magical night of their lives with the online world in real time. That’s where your thoughtful approach comes in. Offer them the option to create a stunning photo (or a few!) on the go, add the perfect filter and just forward them for posting on Instagram or wherever they want. It’s a small act of kindness that will cost you nothing, but in the same time demonstrate how much you care.

Discount for life

Another win-win situation. Offer an attractive discount for a future project (that maternity photo shoot might be coming soon…), and get a couple of loyal customers in return. Bear in mind that the discount should be very tempting to make your current price more inviting, we’d suggest going crazy with as far as 20% off. It will pay off in the long run.

Ready to stun the world with your photos? Create a free online portfolio with Wix!

By Julia Ronen

Creative Content Developer for Wix Expert Communities

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