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10 Wix Photographers With Big Dreams

black and white picture of a ballet dancer by wix photographer mariia kulchytska

Some photographers dream big – that’s definitely the case with the ones we want to showcase today. Being proud Wix users, they know how to take the best of their photography websites to spread their work online. We were super excited to learn that they have entered our latest photo contest for a chance to win a dream photo shoot.

What dream, you ask? It’s pretty simple: photographers are invited to tell us their dream photo shoot, the one they’ve always wanted to carry out but didn’t have the resources to. The winner will have the possibility to capture the photo of their dreams – no matter the distance, no matter the cost.

So far, thousands of talented photographers have already submitted. Here is a selection of 10 of the most inspiring entries that prove that even the sky is not the limit.

Talking about brave photographers, James Smart is the epitome. This Australian bad-ass is what we call a “storm hunter”, someone who chases tornadoes and shoots the sky in its most violent state. His impressive picture of a cyclone about to devastate a house earned him the over-prestigious National Geographic Photo of the Year award of 2015. Now he’s in the race for the Dream Photo competition. He stands a great chance to take it by a storm.

storm about to destroy an house by james smart Wix photographer

beautiful stormy sky by wix photographer james smart

A message is made up of three things: the words pronounced, the tone of the voice, and the posture of the body. The posture says much, much more than one could imagine. This is what the exquisite portraits realized by Camila Fontenele de Miranda teach us. The young (only 26!) Brazilian photographer succeeds in making her models talk to us with the mouth firmly closed. Each of her pictures is like a lightning rod of meaning that will strike you on your chair and just leave you… speechless.

woman in black and white under a sheet by wix photographer Fontenele

Man with flowers on his face by Wix photographer Fontenele

Ian Langsdon is a staff photographer for the European Pressphoto Agency, whose work has been published in the most renowned outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and Time Magazine. He started photography covering protests in the streets of Paris. Obviously, this experience taught him how to seize the right moment and capture the rare individual expression in a dense human mob.

sarkozy and medvedev by wix photographer Ian Langsdon

tarantino dancing by wix photographer ian langsdon

What’s more fascinating, evocative and filled with compact energy than a human body? You got it : a dancer’s body. Mariia Kulchytska follows ballet dancers in their quest for the perfect move, and captures unforgettable snaps on the go. Here the art of the moment is challenging the art of the movement.

ballet dancer in the dust by wix photographer Mariia Kulchytska

black and white ballet dancer in a building by wix photographer Mariia Kulchytska

A meditative bear, an irresistible lion cub and a whimsical tiny monkey: the casting for the sequel of The Jungle Book? No, basically what you can see on Jacques-André Dupont’s photography website. “J.A.” made a well-respected career out of traveling to the most remote countries, and portraying the animals of the wild. His work has won several photo competitions around the world. Will the Wix’s Dream Photo be his next trophy?

thoughtful bear by wix photographer JA Dupont

cute lion cube by wix photographer JA Dupont

Do you remember that time when you thought that swallowing pips would make an apple tree grow in your stomach? That’s precisely what Victoria Kuzilova immortalizes in her pictures: young children making their first discoveries of the world, people and themselves. A shot of “proto-science” that will make you melt, much more than your high school physics class. We promise!

child with autumn leaves by wix photographer kuzilova

black and white picture of child looking himself in a glass by wix phtoographer kuzilova

Black & white, a genre of the past century? Think again. It’s not because you limit yourself to two colors (and their diversity of shades) that you’ll have to cut off the emotions, too. On the contrary. Roberto Vamos, a seasoned photographer, took his lenses everywhere in the world and succeeded in capturing the luminous beauty and expressions wherever they stood.

people in vacation sitting in the sea by wix photographer Roberto Vamos

black and white picture of a bride with a wedding dress on the porch of the church by wix photographer Roberto Vamos

Why should the glitz and glamour be reserved to a small, elitist circle? Jhana Parits is a photographer and visual artist who boldly and brilliantly smashes the norms of fashion photography. Tattooed women in feline postures, bad boys from downtown LA and daily life situations: the beauty should be taken everywhere, and not only on glossy paper magazines.

colorful fashion picture of a woman dressed in black by wix photographer jhana

legs of a woman in a laundry machine by wix photographer Jhana

There are subjects far less explored than others. This is the case of abandoned houses, of which Tekprod has made his speciality. He sneaked into ruined mansions, castles and even churches around Europe to capture their spectral beauty. The huge desolated spaces will fill your heart with awe. So now, if there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?

piano in an abandoned house by wix photographer tekprod

tv screens in an abandoned house by wix photographer tekprod

Svetlana Tuzlukova: when emotion is at its purest

Svetlana Tuzlukova is a photographer who specializes in children portraits – a job that she does wonderfully for her numerous clients in Switzerland and in Italy. But when she gets off the beaten track to experiment new genres, she gets even better. Have a look at these (fighting? embracing?) horses of Camargue, or this melancholic clown. It reminds us that, no matter the gear, no matter the location, the perfect photo is all about one goal: capturing the right moment.

horses of camargue by wix photographer Tuzlukova

sad clown sitting on a bench by wix photographer Tuzlukova

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