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HTML 101: Incorporating HTML widgets into your Wix site

HTML 101 Incorporating HTML Widgets Into Your Wix Site

To the average internet user, HTML looks like gibberish. This is the natural order of things: since you’re building your website with Wix, you wisely decided not to spend hours learning code and to build your website with an easy drag-and-drop platform. Then one sunny day (or rainy – depends on where you are) the Wix editor added an HTML widget, and your mind blanked. Transforming Wix into an HTML website builder was greeted by many users with cheer, but not all were able to understand what the big deal is. So for all of you to whom HTML is a hard nut to chew – this post is for you. Using Wix’s HTML component is easy, and you don’t miss out on the amazing interactivity this feature can add when deciding how to make your website.

What is HTML

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, and it is the building block of all basic websites. It is a language used to write web pages in the world of website development. We write the text and the web browser reads the code into graphics, text, and links. It allows images and objects to be embedded and can be used to create different interactive forms. All HTML tags start with a < (left bracket) and end with a > (right bracket). The HTML code you type can be viewed on any computer (Mac, Pc) that has an Internet access.

Don’t Worry! We are not going to start learning how to write these codes. That’s an entirely different post!

Ready Made Embedded Codes

There are many features you can add to your Wix website to make it more interactive. Going interactive means you can actually communicate with your visitors, get their feedback, ask for their opinion, reply their questions, etc. Interactive features include forums, a guestbook, polls, e-mail forms, blogs, visitor counters and more. You can easily incorporate these features to your website without knowing the most basic HTML command. Each HTML widget has its own pre-written code – for example, an embedded You Tube video code:

Grab an HTML Code

Now that you know how to recognize an HTML code it will be easier for you to find them. They’re everywhere! For your convenience, Wix has created a list of popular codes you can simply copy and paste into your editor. These include Google Calendar, Viemo, Facebook likes and a few more. If you need widgets that are not included in this list you have the option of grabbing ‘black html’ from anywhere on the web and paste it into your site.

Editing HTML To Your Wix

  1. Go to “Widgets” > HTML

  2. Select your HTML widget of choice: Facebook, Viemo, Google Calendar etc

  3. Click “Settings”

  4. Paste your embed code into “Insert HTML code” box (right text box of the HTML widget) **Tip: Be sure to delete any existing code.

  5. Update Width & Height: If you don’t have the measures, look for width=”XX” / height=”XX” inside your code. For example, “width=334” . Then add 334 to the width field

  6. Click “OK”

  7. To view your HTML Widget you must save your document. Go to “My Account” roll over your Wix and click view.

Note: HTML Widgets will not be visible in the editor nor in the Preview option. Notice that the code always sits on the front layer of the Wix editor.

Learn more about Wix’s HTML widget.

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