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Gorgeous wedding website examples

wedding website examples

If you’re a bride or groom who’s getting ready to take your walk down the aisle, you probably have a long to-do list to make sure your day is extra memorable. One thing you don’t want to miss? Your personal wedding website.

Acting as the hub for everything to do with your special day, your wedding website will help you in the preparations leading up to the event. You can use your site to send out invites, receive RSVPs, manage your guest list, and share the memories with loved ones after the wedding.

To help you get started, check out our collection of exquisite wedding website templates, as well as these beautiful wedding website examples below to help you make a website with Wix for your upcoming big day.

01. Duran & Kirsten

If you're wondering how to plan a wedding, Duran and Kirsten's wedding website can give you some real inspiration. A full-screen photo of the happy couple, complete with a ring placed ever-so-casually at its center, is a winning choice for any wedding website. Duran and Kirsten have used a logo maker to create their own wedding logo that's made up of their two initials. The logo is placed on their image alongside all the essentials: their names, wedding date, and the venue.

Under the image is the couple’s personal story, recounting how they first met as children and reconnected as adults, having been inseparable ever since. By adding a favorite song alongside the text, Duran and Kirsten get guests immediately rooting for their love and excited to be part of their story.

Duran & Kirsten wedding website example

02. Sam & George

Made with: Wix ADI

The bright pink, illustrated event website header makes a festive statement, getting guests ready to party. Although the event has already been and gone, this wedding website example demonstrates how a site can serve as a great way to thank family and friends for their company and generosity.

In addition, the website includes a photo gallery and links to the night’s playlist, allowing guests and loved ones to keep going back to their shared memories of the event for a long time to come.

Sam & George wedding website example

03. Luc & Casey

Chic and sophisticated, this wedding website example shines bright with a gold color palette, an on-point use of icons, and a trendy font pairing of a handwritten typeface and a cleaner sans-serif one.

The website walks guests through all of the relevant information, providing a full breakdown of the destination, transportation options, and itinerary for the wedding weekend.

Site visitors are encouraged to book a stay at one of the nearby accommodations covering a range of prices and sure to fit every type of traveler. They can also RSVP online, allowing Luc and Casey to keep track and manage their guest list with ease.

Luc & Casey wedding website example

04. Richard & Cassandra

Made with: Floral Wedding Invitation website template

Customizing a ready-made wedding template is a great way to ensure the final look of your website will be just as sharp as you envisioned. Richard and Cassandra have gone for a beautiful floral design and made it their own using photos of the venue and of the two of them together.

The website shares everything from the date, place, and itinerary, to transportation and accommodation details. It serves as a friendly and interactive wedding invitation, allowing guests to RSVP using the embedded Events feature, locate the venue on the map, read up on preferred gift ideas, and more.

Richard & Cassandra wedding website example

05. Philip & Nicole

Made with: Colorful Wedding Invite website template

This celebratory wedding website boasts a sparkling heart emoji as its favicon, which perfectly matches the glimmering disco ball illustration on the top fold. Complementing these shiny elements is the website color scheme of pink and gold, used cohesively throughout the site.

The website is complete with photos from the engagement party, a gift registry, a downloadable PDF with a rundown of their three-day schedule, and an online form for guests to answer all of the couple’s practical questions.

Phili & Nicole wedding website example

06. Sonya & David

Made with: Romantic Wedding Invite website template

Sonya and David created gorgeous video footage walking hand-in-hand and smiling at each other and this acts as the couple's background for their online invitation. They also share the story of how they met beneath their illustrated portraits, which go well with the site’s illustrated favicon.

The website details all of the information that guests need to know, from the when-and-where to how to get there. It also includes an image gallery from a couple photoshoot taken in honor of their engagement.

Sonya & David wedding website example

07. Brooke & Stephen

Made with: Classic Wedding Invite website template

When making a wedding website, adding a song that’s significant to your relationship or reflects your event’s theme is a good way to help guests feel included. With this in mind, Brooke and Stephen chose a song to set the tone for their Martha’s Vineyard nuptial celebrations.

Fit for a destination wedding, this event website is rich with info on how to get to the all the festivities including the big day and nearby accommodations. It also offers options for exploring the island’s history, and recommendations for dining, culture, and other attractions in the area. There’s also an FAQ section, addressing further relevant topics that can help guests prepare.

Brooke & Stephen wedding website example

08. Ally & Conor

This wedding website example is fun and free spirited, inviting guests for a three-day long “Wedstock” event. Filled with nature-themed vector art and family photos of the couple and their baby boy, this asymmetrical website layout is sure to get guests in the mood for a glamping marriage festival.

Guests can easily RSVP, while at the same time share their favorite songs and dietary restrictions, so that the couple can make the event extra special for everyone involved.

Ally & Conor wedding website example

09. Nikki & David

Nikki & David’s wedding website reads like a love story between man, woman, and the city that made it all happen. Their stunning website is set to the backdrop of New York, where the couple met and will tie the knot.

With a hand lettered logo and many images of the couple and their city, the website employs subtle parallax scrolling effects to make navigation feel smooth and swift.

Nikki & David wedding website example

10. Luiza & Alexandre

This multilingual website makes both English and Portugese-speaking guests feel equally welcome. It features a large photo of the couple, paired with a few personal sentences sharing their excitement with their loved ones.

Inspired by the Brazilian beach town in which the wedding will take place, this wedding website sets a vacay kind of tone with its many palm trees, seaside photoshoots, and watercolor illustrations. Also included in the site are the wedding’s social media hashtags and a Countdown Clock leading up to the big day.

Luiza & Alexandre wedding website example

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