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eCommerce Growth Report: The Top Selling Product Categories across Every US State

Wix eCommerce Growth Report: The Top Selling Product Categories across Every US State

Just how well do you know your home state after all? Can you accurately guess the best-selling product category in your state in April 2020? Some of the best sellers are predictable, some are practical, and some are just plain surprising.

The COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing requirements have made a significant impact on daily life, including how people shop and what they shop for. In April 2020, online shopping around the world went into hyper growth. As we reported in my previous eCommerce Growth Report, Top 10 Product Categories during COVID-19, the top 10 eCommerce product categories all showed growth rates upwards of 100% during April 2020.

In this report, we analyzed eCommerce sales across the US during the month of April 2020 and compiled the best-selling product categories across every state.

As expected, Americans bought food and groceries in droves. In addition, fresh produce, takeout and alcoholic beverages were top sellers. Some unexpected categories included jewelry and antiques. There were also some positive surprise categories including non-profit donations in Alabama and animal shelter donations in Maine.

best selling product categories across U.S. states

Top Selling Product Categories Growth Rates Across Every US State in April 2020

This list shows the most popular eCommerce product categories in each state across the US during April 2020 and is based on sales data for the Wix network of over 500,000 online stores worldwide. The growth rate compares category sales per state to those in February this year.

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Liat Karpel Gurwicz

eCommerce Marketing

Liat has led Strategic Marketing for since 2014, including marketing efforts for Wix's creative, professional and business audiences. She currently leads Wix’s eCommerce marketing and business activities.

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