15 Best Art Blogs to Add to Your Reading List in 2021

As a creative, staying fresh, inspired and up-to-date is crucial. It can help ensure a steady workflow, as well as keeping your work contextually relevant and in line with the goings-on of the world around us. While there are many ways to gather inspiration and new ideas, art blogs offer a vast hub of information and diverse topics.

Whatever your creative endeavors entail, from printmaking to web design, the following art blogs are here to kindle your curiosity and update you on the latest news from the creative world.

15 best art blogs to add to your reading list

  1. Artsy

  2. Cass Art

  3. Wix Creative

  4. artnet

  5. Booooooom

  6. ARTnews

  7. Juxtapoz

  8. Art Observed

  9. Google Arts & Culture

  10. Artspace

  11. Artforum

  12. Art Basel

  13. Aesthetica

  14. Frieze

  15. GARAGE

01. Artsy

At the forefront of contemporary art, Artsy is a global organization with a mission to support artists around the world. Describing themselves as ‘a platform for collecting and discovering art,’ Artsy’s blog really is a great place to start if you want to get yourself better acquainted with the artists of today.

Publishing daily, or even a few times a day, this blog is packed full of fascinating content. You’ll find highbrow artist interviews, reviews, gallery and exhibition recommendations, plus news from around the art world.

There’s also a selection of in-depth thought pieces examining various art movements, as well as topics ranging from feminism, to the return of craft and more.

02. Cass Art

An established UK-based art supplies store, Cass Art’s blog is brimming with everything an artist needs to know. There’s a strong emphasis on practical tips and techniques for both starting-out and professional artists, covering a wide array of mediums and topics.

If you’d like to learn a new technique, such as hand lettering or fashion illustration, or get expert advice on specific art materials, this is the place for you. The guides walk you through the process step-by-step, in a friendly and personal tone, accompanied by helpful images.

The blog also lists creative opportunities, like competitions and open calls for exhibitions, on top of interviews with artists who share their insights and work processes in a professional and approachable way.

03. Wix Creative

While we may be a little biased, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a pat on the shoulder every now and again. In fact, as creatives operating in a somewhat competitive industry, we urge you to do that, too.

Wix Creative is a blog dedicated to creative professionals from all fields. Our goal is to help artists develop their careers and flourish in the online world. Whether you’re in UX design, animation or illustration, we’re here to educate and share our knowledge on everything art and design.

You’ll find practical tips, career advice, design resources to improve your workflow, insights into current topics and more. We also know how hard it can be to keep the motivation coming, so we make sure to help you along the way, with ideas on overcoming creative block and plenty of inspiration in all its forms.

04. artnet

As a huge platform for buying and selling art online, artnet makes sure to keep readers updated on the latest industry news, covering everything from auctions to politics, exhibitions and more. They provide a truly global source of information, making this one of the best art blogs for those who want to gain a thorough understanding of the art world as a whole and dip into the commercial side of things.

In fact, artnet’s blog operates somewhat like a news channel, with many articles posted each day, constantly sharing reports on both a local and larger scale. A quick browse down the homepage will fill you in on the major goings-on, while the posts themselves offer highly competent, detailed information.

05. Booooooom

Run by Vancouver-based artist and curator Jeff Hamada, you can be sure that Booooooom offers you relevant and down-to-earth content, straight from one artist to another. Since its launch in 2008, the blog has since become an authority in the art scene.

Booooooom gives a platform to emerging talent, showcasing artists’ work through interviews and featured submissions. While there’s an emphasis on illustrators and photographers, you’ll find creatives from a wide range of disciplines.

The articles truly present the artists in their best light, with plenty of large images and an overall clean design that directs visitors’ focus to the works themselves. You’ll also be able to see many photography and illustration portfolios, as each showcase makes sure to link to the artist’s personal website.

06. ARTnews

Adopting the style of a classic newspaper, this editorial is full of frequent updates from the art world. Having been around since 1902, it’s not by chance that it takes on this traditional aesthetic. ARTnews is the most widely circulated art magazine in the world, with a huge global readership. While you can enjoy this free blog online, there are also four printed editions available to purchase each year.

ARTnews covers a broad spectrum of topics, reporting on everything that shapes the art world. There’s a steady flow of news updates, as well as articles about the art market, trends and events of all kinds.

Their Art in America section,launched in 1913, publishes cutting-edge insights into today’s art and culture scene. This monthly publication will fill you in on the most pressing current issues, examining pertinent themes from activism to technology. You’ll also get to read about news and updates on the world’s top art and design museums.

07. Juxtapoz

This art and culture blog is the place to head if you want in on the best up-coming exhibitions around the globe. The frequent articles showcase a curated selection of art shows and events, providing a brief summary of the exhibition, as well as more in-depth reviews and interviews.

Juxtapoz is also a great place to discover new artists from various disciplines, spanning from photography and film, to painting, illustration, street art and more.

The fun doesn’t end there - there’s also Radio Juxtapoz, an art and design podcast bringing you plenty more high quality content. And if that wasn’t enough, their graphic design magazine is also available in print, bringing you eye candy straight to your doorstep.

08. Art Observed

Based in New York City, Art Observed reports on contemporary art from what is often described as the cultural capital of the world. They provide a steady stream of global art news, covering new exhibitions, auctions, trends and short reviews, all from a NYC perspective.

Full of informative quick reads, this is one of the best art blogs to follow if you want to stay in-the-know, but don’t have the time to immerse yourself in long-form articles.

From their writing style to their homepage design, Art Observed is a no-nonsense platform. Out of all the different types of logos, they’ve gone for the most simple: a sophisticated lettermark in black and white. The same color scheme is used throughout, other than the art itself, which stands out against the plain background.

09. Artspace

As a platform for selling art online, the content on Artspace’s magazine is meant for both art collectors and artists. Merging high-end topics with a light and entertaining tone, Artspace offers an interesting, enriching read.

You’ll find daily news updates, recommendations, exhibition updates and artist interviews. There are also more cerebral pieces that ponder over and educate on current-day themes in the art world.

If you’re an art collector, you can enjoy tips on art insurance, advice on worthwhile pieces to collect and more. All the while, you’ll be able to keep up with major art news and expert opinions by the world’s most renowned curators.

10. Google Arts & Culture

If you’re a curious art enthusiast looking for an educational read, Google’s arts and culture blog will offer you just that. It has a unique format, more reminiscent of a library than a publication. While you can scroll down the homepage to view new articles, there are additional, alternative ways of consuming this blog’s content.

Head over to the ‘Explore’ page in the website menu to navigate articles via certain parameters; you can choose to read about artworks according to their color palette, medium, art movement, or the time they were created. There’s also the option of reading stories that are related to certain places, historical figures and events.

This unusual structure makes for innovative website navigation that puts the emphasis on exploration, while maintaining an intuitive user experience. The highly visual articles all contain large images, along with small, digestible chunks of text.

11. Artforum

Artforum is a popular platform that’s been at the forefront of contemporary art since its launch in 1962. This makes it a great place for discovering new artists and staying up-to-date on current art news. They report on everything from new curators on the scene, to updates on museums, the biggest art controversies and outrages, and more.

If you’re into seeing and reading up on art shows, this is one of the best art blogs for you. There’s a whole section dedicated to art exhibitions, with a comprehensive selection of reviews and must-see shows.

Better still is the artguide, a constantly updated listing of art galleries in a wide selection of cities across the globe. If you’re going abroad, or want to make sure you’re in-the-know in your own city, we recommend checking out this rich resource.

12. Art Basel

This established art fair may not hold events the whole year round, but you can keep up-to-date through the “Stories” section of their website. Unlike most other art blogs, there’s a strong emphasis on video here.

You can get to know a range of renowned artists through short videos in which they present their practice and works from their own studios. Each video is accompanied by a brief piece of text, so you can read or listen, according to your preference. There’s also videos of panel discussions, making for a truly educational resource.

13. Aesthetica

The name of this blog says it all. Before we get to the written content itself, a few words on the design, as it certainly lives up to this year’s web design trends with its clean aesthetic and minimalistic blog logo. The overall sensation is fresh and airy, thanks to the generous use of whitespace and an asymmetric grid layout. There’s also a meticulously selected set of images adorning the homepage.

Aesthetica features in-depth reads on innovative creatives from a range of disciplines. Prominent topics from the art world are discussed through different perspectives, bringing up questions regarding sustainability, inclusivity, digital ethics and more, in relation to art.

Whether you’re into photography, film, installation, art, design or architecture, this publication will fill you with inspiration and advise you on the must-see exhibitions of the week.

14. Frieze

Renowned media and events company, Frieze, has their very own art blog. As a brand focused on contemporary art and culture, they hold art fairs around the world. Their online editorial is full of highbrow comprehensive articles on a range of subjects.

Here, you’ll find reviews of the best art and design books and shows, plus opinion pieces on diverse and current themes, from Berlin’s nightlife to the activist artists of India. They also report on political updates in relation to cultural topics, giving readers a full overview of the major events in the art world.

And if you’re going to listen to anyone when it comes to which art shows are worth seeing, Frieze can no doubt be trusted. There are regular posts on the ‘Critics’ Guides’ section, recommending exhibitions across various cities.


Available online and in print, this is Vice’s art, fashion and culture publication. This undoubtedly cool blog is nothing less than what we’d expect from Vice. As opposed to some of the other best art blogs, GARAGE features a mix of emerging and well-known artists. They cover hot topics in today’s art world, examining them from a unique angle.

Other than fine art reviews and news, there’s also regular posts on film, fashion, photography, architecture and design. The articles are diverse in topic, current, and often witty, making this an overall educational and entertaining read.

Lastly, you’ll notice a few nice touches in the blog’s microcopy. From the subscribe section’s “I will not read any more boring newsletters,” to the term “stories” used to describe blog posts, these small details will certainly bring a smile to your face.

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