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20 best Twitter accounts to follow

People are what make the Twitter experience what it is, whether it’s a brand account, celebrity, or freelancers promoting their online portfolio. Reporters staying on their beat in real time, social media managers overseeing brand content, and average users exploring their niche interests through hashtags all flock to this social network. It's all the same Twitter, just used differently.

No matter what brings you to this social media channel, the only way to get the most out of it is by following the right people. Think you know the best accounts out there? Check out our 20 best Twitter accounts you definitely need to be following down below.


Everyone needs a dose of inspiration at times. These accounts will get you where you need to go.

Anyone on any social network is probably fully aware of Gary Vaynerchuk is. He’s a speaker, best-selling author, and expert in Twitter marketing, as well as other social media channels. His channel is inspiring, but don’t expect him to sugar coat anything one bit. His voice is brazen, and sometimes it’s exactly the kick in the rear you need to move forward.

Author of the best-selling book, “You are a Badass,” Jen Sincero brings a healthy dose of inspiration through her Twitter account. The bulk of the account consists of Tweets offering motivational quotes across from both herself and others, each with an additional comment of context to bring it home.

If you need a booster shot of inspiration about life’s best practices, the Dalai Lama is the place to go. If you can’t meet him, Tweet him. Or just follow him. Following him can help you take a step out of your hectic life to refocus on how you perceive the world, those around you, and how you should treat both.

Another excellent Twitter account to stock up on feel-good vibes comes from Roy T. Bennett, author of the book, “The Light in the Heart: Inspirational Thoughts for Living Your Best Life.” Tweets of wisdom, compassion, and motivation are found throughout, allowing for a gentle reminder to take time for yourself and others.

Brand/business accounts

The online streaming TV and movie behemoth, Netflix, also makes quite a splash on its Twitter account. You’ll get a nice helping of promotional material for its original movies and shows, plus it also produces hilarious memes and other unmissable content. Don’t just stop with @Netflix, either. If you’re looking for more of a fix, check out @NetflixIsAJoke and @Seewhatsnext for even more movie goodness.

If you’re ready to laugh and possibly get insulted, you should follow Wendy’s. Responsible for some of the most hilarious Tweets ever - thanks to it’s sarcastic and sometimes brutal responses - it’s hard not to lose it. This type of savage sassary is what makes Wendy’s an instant follow.

Not to toot our own horn, but there are some pretty amazing customers that use Wix. In addition to bringing you fun and entertaining content we think you’ll like, the official Wix Twitter account really shines with User Showcases, giving you a glimpse at just some of our fantastic users doing their thing.

Even if you’ve never eaten a MoonPie, you may be familiar with what it is. If not, it’s basically a giant cookie with a marshmallow center that’s dipped in an assortment of different flavors. No, these cookies are not amazing, but don’t tell that to them on Twitter. Some of the things you’ll find on this Twitter page are downright bizarre, making it impossible not to lose time reading its Tweets and replies to others.


The website Funny or Die started in 2007 with a short from Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay called “The Landlord,” depicting a toddler landlord demanding rent from a tenant. It’s since become a full-fledged studio that produces comedy specials, web series, and more. As such, its Twitter account is more on-brand than a lot of what you see out there.

If you remember the American Online (AOL) days, you may have been familiar with the standalone app AOL Instant Messenger (and if you were really cool, DeadAIM). Nonetheless, much like many messaging apps today, AIM allowed you to set your status from available to away, and even add an “away message” that could be viewed by others. You’d also receive this message if someone were to message you while you were in the “away” status. Needless to say, not every message was a simple, sophisticated diamond. @YourAwayMessage showcases some of the most ridiculous and funny away messages during the AIM era.

Buzzfeed is a place where productivity goes to die. (Proof: it took about 4x the amount of time “researching” this account in comparison with any of the others on this list. Don’t judge me.) Often funny, always viral, and virtually impossible to stop reading once you start, Buzzfeed knows what it’s doing. It’s one of the many rabbit holes of the internet, and its Twitter account is just another portal to it. There’s no such thing as a quick visit to any part of the Buzzfeed empire/domain. Within 20 minutes, you’ll have taken seven quizzes and read four stories covering a variety of topics. It’s engaging, usually hilarious, and worth every minute of your wasted time.

(Note: Not all content on Buzzfeed is humorous. It’s in the humor section because of how much time you’ll spend here.)

The best thing about the satirical news site, The Onion, is that nothing is sacred and nothing is safe. Whether it’s politics, sports, entertainment, or just a completely random, made-up story, The Onion has it all, in the guise of a real online news publication. If it weren’t for the telling imagery and headlines, it might likely be taken for something serious. That alone is funny. Its Twitter account operates just like any news account would: Publishing timely, ridiculous news headlines that are too good (or too ridiculous) not to click.

Learn a thing or nine

The Internet isn’t all about humor. Whether you’re trying to grow your skill set or hungry to enrich your knowledge in general, these are some must-follow accounts that will do just that.

Mental Floss brings stories to the table that are both informative and fun to read, and you’ll feel significantly less bad after a binge than you would an hour deep into Buzzfeed. (No offense.) The site itself is broken into sections for smart shopping, quizzes, lists, videos, and amazing facts, featuring fun and original content across the board. Its Twitter account is simply a place to find its published stories, and is seemingly void of any additional personality, and that’s fine. You go to Mental Floss for the content, and that’s all you really need for it to be excellent and completely follow-worthy.

Genuine seekers of knowledge are likely already well-informed about TED and TED Talks. For those not in the know, it’s a media organization that hosts “talks” from industry experts and speakers that covers everything from life, tech, business, society, the future — everything. TED Talks tackle important topics, leaving you feeling empowered and hopeful. The official TED Talks Twitter account is the next best thing to the official site to keep you informed about the valuable content it produces.

Beyond our skies lie the rest of the universe — something we’re barely at the surface of discovering. Whether you’re a space nerd or not, keeping up with what we’re doing in space is easy to find, especially from NASA. Its Twitter account allows you to follow along with its fascinating discoveries, explorations, and broadcasts as it searches the stars.

You'd think dictionary brand Merriam-Webster would steer clear of a place that constantly butchers and abbreviates a language... but you'd be wrong. The famous dictionary is most definitely on Twitter. If not out of obligation, then for education. Weird words, popular words, and of course, a word of the day are all found here.


There are countless celebrities on Twitter, all offering their own piece of themselves to the Twitterverse. Here are a few more to follow if you aren’t already.

Ryan Reynolds doesn’t need a script to be hilarious. The Deadpool star’s Twitter account is equally full of jokes that absurdly are funny. There’s really little else to say.

Though her IMDB page is anything but sparse, it doesn’t matter if you've seen Anna Kendrick in a movie before to make her totally worth your Twitter time. Outside of the expected promotional materials for her current projects, you’ll find some one-liners hidden away that will catch you off guard and cause you to burst into laughter. Kendrick’s sarcasm game is golden.

Elon Musk has played a part in some genuinely innovative advancements across multiple industries. From his own SpaceX program to Tesla motors to... Selling flame throwers. With such a mind inside that head, you’d imagine his Twitter account to be insightful, but it’s not. Instead, his tweets are a bit strange, but in the nerdiest, funniest way ever. There’s also a sizable portion of memes in there as well, for good measure. With nearly 30 million followers, Musk’s doing something right.

If you’re in serious need of some comedic relief, Mindy Kaling is a reliable solution. Whether it’s watching her in The Office, The Mindy Project, or following what she’s up to on Twitter, satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed. She’s not one to shy away from using a GIF of herself, nor does she try to keep it PG, which is half the fun of it.

Bonus: If you aren’t following @Twitter or @TwitterSupport, get on it - and don't forget to use our guides on how to use Twitter and Twitter Advanced Search to find the accounts that best match your interests.

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