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21 best mobile apps for small business owners

21 Top Mobile Apps for Small Business Owners

We live in a fantastic time to be a small business owner. Technology continues to introduce new tools and functionalities that make virtually each and every aspect of business management more simple and efficient. Small business apps and tools are opening new horizons of growth. Twenty years ago, business owners had to struggle with tasks that were beyond their professional expertise, or otherwise outsource them and spend large sums. Today, they can do so much themselves, like creating a website for their business (no matter how computer-savvy they are), taking bookings and payments, managing complex budgets and more.

More than that, mobile technology and business software has allowed even more liberation, as small business owners can now manage their businesses anytime and anywhere. This is a game changer for many professionals in a large variety of fields, especially those that are just starting a business. There’s only one catch: With so many amazing tools available out there, how can you keep track of all of them and choose which ones to incorporate into your workday? This is where we come in. Below, you will find a list of exceptionally smart apps created to support business owners and managers with running their operations’ successfully. Browse and enjoy our top picks for best small business apps!

The Wix Owner app offers everything you need to operate and promote your website or small business, including:

  • Managing your bookings and appointments and staying on top of your schedule.

  • Viewing, sending and controlling your online store invoices.

  • Chat live with visitors, including a feature for quick replies and automatic greetings.

  • Invite your clients to download Spaces by Wix so they can easily engage with all aspects of your business, giving them a unique mobile app experience.

  • Staying synced with your team as you manage your website together.

  • Uploading and editing images to your media account.

These essential Wix features make this Wix mobile app one of the best tools for small businesses available.

Download > Android & iOS

Wix Owner app


The leading mobile wallet app that is transforming how small businesses process credit card payments and how customers complete purchases. Using the app interface and a convenient card reader, Square provides the ultimate transaction solution that is loved by both biz owners and their clients. If your business has a physical location where you make any type of sales – from products to coffee to concert tickets – Square is going to be your best friend.

Download > Android & iOS

Google Analytics

Keep track of your website’s performance stats straight from your mobile device. Google Analytics is an extremely informative platform for measuring and analyzing data about your visitors and their behavior while visiting your site (and even before!). Monitoring sources of traffic and the quality of visits that they produce provides valuable information about your site’s strengths and weaknesses. You can leverage this information into content and invi to increase traction and expand your business’ reach.

Download > Android & iOS


Keep your team strong with the Slack collaboration and project management app. Slack simplifies communication among your team members, allows everyone to keep track of progress, fosters discussion and brainstorming and streamlines all team efforts into successfully completed projects. Slack’s mobile app easily syncs multiple devices with a full desktop interface for more comprehensive tools.

Download > Android & iOS

Slack mobile business app


Need immediate access to documents, images and other media? The Dropbox mobile app is an excellent way to carry the entirety of your cloud storage in your pocket. It has a straightforward and user-friendly interface that makes it highly convenient. And it’s not just a storage app. Your entire team can access the files, add comments and edits and collaborate dynamically, making it one of the most useful smartphone apps for designers.

Download > Android & iOS

Wix ShoutOut for Mobile

Email marketing is a fundamental aspect of small biz management. The ShoutOut mobile app brings you the powerful features of Wix’s email marketing tool, available wherever you go. Design beautiful and content-rich newsletters and distribute them to your contact list straight from your mobile device. Need a hand coming up with excellent ideas for content? Check out these great suggestions for newsletter topics.

Download > Android & iOS


Accounting is one of the most challenging (and least exciting) tasks involved with running a business. But small business apps are changing that, and Xero is one of the leaders in that field. Xero allows users to access all of their financial accounts in one place, create expense reports quickly, handle invoice and billing on the go, and so much more, so you can stay on top of your business’ finances.

Download > Android & iOS


Many small business owners rely on the service of freelancers for specific projects. Many small biz owners are freelancers themselves. Basing their venture on the services they offer others. Whether you belong to the first or the second group, the Freelancer app is a fantastic platform for hiring professionals, landing new gigs and for collaborating with others.

Download > Android & iOS


Social media marketing is by now an inseparable part of small biz management. It can get distracting, though, especially when you’re trying to juggle multiple things at once. That’s just what Buffer is for. This app integrates your social channels into one place and allows you to schedule posts across all of them. You can plan your social posts ahead of time, queue them all nicely and analyze their performance.

Download > Android & iOS

Buffer app for small business owners


This project management and collaboration platform is gaining a lot of attention as a productivity booster. Trello organizes the projects you’re working on into boards, visualizing who is doing what, when and where there’s still progress waiting to be made. Its strength is in simplifying project planning and execution, making it easier for everyone to follow and contribute.

Download > Android & iOS

Automatic Call Recorder

You may not expect to find a call recording tool on a list of best apps for small businesses, but recording phone calls can actually be a very helpful and positive tool for business owners. Put the ACR app to use for things like reviewing specific calls, sharing calls with relevant parties, verifying phone orders or dates of appointments, studying the quality of customer service (check out our guide on AI customer service), and, if needed, protecting your business and employees in legal action.

Download > Android & iOS


Contracts, orders, invoices—there are multiple occasions in the day of a business owners where a signature is needed. HelloSign is the app that simplifies this whole process, allowing you to put your electronic John Hancock without being physically present. You don’t even need a pen!

Download > Android & sm


If you use your mobile device to take photos for social media or your business website, you want to give Snapseed a try. This app is a neat photo editing tool that will help you improve and beautify your mobile pics. Save yourself a lot of time by editing or adding filters straight from your mobile device and then upload directly to your platform of choice.

Download > Android & iOS


Communicate with your co-workers and collaborators smoothly and effectively using the Monday app. Monday is a great platform for sharing ideas with your team, strategizing together and working to complete tasks and finalize projects. Monday has excellent plans for small businesses of various sizes, all of which include the mobile app.

Download > Android & iOS


Having a hard time keeping track of your business expenses? You’re not alone. But there’s hope! Whether you’re on the road or in your office, Expensify will help you record your expenses by integrating real-time receipt capturing, credit card reports, mileage tracking and more. This app will make your small business accounting easier, support you during the busy tax season and help save some money too!

Download > Android & iOS


Scheduling meetings, group-calls and events can be frustrating, especially when it comes to a large group of participants. With Doodle, this hassle becomes a lot easier. Allowing each participant to enter their availability, and visualizing the matching choices, Doodle helps you find the best fit for all.

Download > Android & iOS

Doodle mobile app for business


Fuze is dedicated to providing high-quality business communication. From voice conference calls, through media sharing, to video presentations, Fuze allows people to connect with each other smoothly. The principle is that distance shouldn’t disrupt your business activity. Whether you are working from a home office and collaborating with freelancers or getting in touch with investors and clients in other countries, Fuze brings you all together to get the job done.

Download > Android & iOS


Feeling overwhelmed by social media? Getting your tweets confused with your stories? HootSuite is a terrific tool for social media management that will help you make the most of your activity on multiple channels. Use the HootSuite app to create and schedule social content, follow up on followers who engage with you and measure the success of your social marketing efforts.

Download > Android & iOS

Most small business owners can’t afford hiring a personal assistant, but with the app, you do not need one. manages your task list, cleverly reminding you of all that needs to be accomplished. The app has a smart system of notifications based on scheduling as well as locations. The easy-to-use interface helps you categorize tasks to streamline their completion, and you can add and edit tasks through written or voice command. It will remember it all so you don’t have to.

Download > Android & iOS

Google Calendar

There are many calendar apps available for mobile devices, but Google Calendar is by far one of the best available, and it is also entirely free. While desktop users still manage their Google Calendar through their Google Account, mobile users now enjoy a stand-alone app, which makes it even more convenient. You can sync it with a variety of accounts (native to Google or not) and use it even if you’re not primarily running your business through Google’s services.

Download > Android & iOS

Google calendar mobile business app

Smart Recorder

This audio recording app is particularly helpful for people who are often in motion, allowing you to record memos and ideas for your own personal use while freeing your hands for other tasks. In addition, you can use Smart Recorder to record meetings and sharing the file with other attendees and collaborators. If you’re the type of person who likes to brainstorm out loud, recording your thoughts and conversations will guarantee that no spark of genius gets lost.

Download > Android & iOS

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