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19 best law firm websites: tips and examples

Best law firm websites

While catching the attention of your crush can be achieved with a simple “bend and snap” move (hello, Legally Blonde fans), sparking the interest of potential clients isn’t always that easy. However, a well-designed law firm website can help you do just that.

19 best law firm websites

01. Philip Reich Mediation

Philip Reich hired a professional web designer to create his website, and the payoff is obvious. It's sleek and professional, subliminally communicating to potential clients that he is a reliable and legitimate mediator. The text box that's splashed across the hero image of a boardroom is a particularly clever idea. It toggles between two messages, both of which capture Philip's qualifications in a single sentence.

02. Jameson Law Office

With her areas of expertise written on the top fold, it’s instantly clear what Jennifer Jameson’s practice is all about. As you scroll down this one-page website, you can read additional information on her experience and values. She’s also included a downloadable link of her CV, adding a professional edge to her site’s overall clean, aesthetic design.

Best law firm websites Jameson Law Office

03. Melanie J Bowbell

The soft website color scheme, made up of light and neutral tones, combined with a minimalistic design, serve to evoke a sense of calm and professionalism. The lawyer’s area of specialization is clearly stated at the top of the page, placed on a strip that stays put while you scroll down. There’s also an online form, encouraging clients to get in touch right away.

Best law firm websites Melanie J Bowbell

04. Dave Lackey

The large text and courthouse photo at the top of the page set the right tone, ensuring that there can be no confusion over what kind of site this is. The additional images below also serve that purpose, conveying a reliable work environment. Within each of the paragraphs, a sense of clarity and hierarchy is created by Dave Lackey with the header being in a larger and different font than the body text, as well as being all caps.

Best law firm websites Dave Lackey

05. Mazzey Law

Lawyer Christopher Trahos knew what he was doing when he built this one-page website. By keeping things short and sweet, he manages to retain his visitors' attention for long enough to communicate his unique selling point. The "Our Vision" section is particularly well-written. By empathizing with the struggles of the small business owners and entrepreneurs that he is targeting, he manages to establish a connection with them before they even have time to type up a message.

06. The Law Office of David J. McWilliam

Immediately upon entering this law firm’s website, you’re greeted with practical information on their areas of practice, as well as a contact form. With a clickable phone number placed right at the top of the site, plus dotted throughout it, the site is especially user-friendly. Being easily contactable is likely to result in more clients reaching out to you, especially when you’ve also added icons linking to your social media accounts, as this firm has done here.

Best law firm websites David J McWilliam

07. Valentino Law Group

Upon entering this law firm’s website, you’re struck with a color palette of gold and beige hues. Together with their use of high quality images in a slideshow gallery, this creates an elegant, upmarket look. Each section of their site includes a subtly designed CTA (call-to-action) button inviting you to find out more.

Best law firm websites Valentino Law Group

08. MTK Law Group

The powerful mission statement at the top of the homepage presents this law firm as having clear and ambitious goals. Paired with a motivating background photo of sleek skyscrapers and a view of the sky, this message is exacerbated. They’ve also dedicated a section of their website to describing their vision, demonstrating that they take their profession seriously.

Best law firm websites MTK Law Group

09. Guardian Law

This minimalistic design includes plenty of white space, putting the emphasis on the information and details that really matter. The website navigation here is simple, with clear labels on the menu and easy navigation between pages. They’ve also added Wix Chat, enabling visitors to contact the firm immediately via a quick message.

Best law firm websites Guardian Law

10. Ludeau Law

Ludeau Law exemplifies stellar branding, from its logo and slogan to its imagery and copy. Specializing in personal injury cases, Christopher Ludeau's brand ethos centers on championing the underdog and advocating for those often overlooked in the legal system. This message is powerfully reinforced in the testimonials section, where clients praise Christopher's direct approach and attentive listening skills, highlighting his commitment to clients who have been disregarded by other attorneys.

ludeau law's law firm website

11. Handle Law

The design of the Handle Law website is an excellent demonstration of a conversion-focused approach. The first fold alone features three prominently placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons. These are designed to immediately engage visitors and guide them toward key actions. Additionally, the firm used Wix's lightbox feature to offer an interactive and attention-grabbing element that further enhances the potential for visitor engagement and conversion.

The Handle Law law firm website

12. Ada Evans Chambers

This firm has gone for a unique look, switching it up with a black background and white text, paired with black and white photography. The chic monochrome design certainly helps them stand out from the crowd, as does the slideshow gallery giving us a peek into the firm and court. They’ve included all the relevant info, from details on the barristers, to practice areas and more - arranged in an easy-to-navigate website.

Best law firm websites Ada Evans Chambers

13. Vallone Law Offices

Vallone Law Offices' approach with their call-to-action (CTA) buttons is smart and user-centric. They present two options: a primary button leading to a contact form and a secondary one for direct phone contact. This design lets clients pick the way they're most comfortable getting in touch.

Vallone Law Offices makes a significant impact with their imagery. On their "Services" page, each service is visually represented, boosting user comprehension and engagement. This approach taps into the fact that people process images 60,000 times faster than text. By combining descriptive text with pertinent images, the law firm website ensures even those who skim-read retain the messaging more effectively than they would with text alone.

14. The Hutt Law Firm

With a visually appealing layout and expert use of parallax scrolling, this law firm’s website is an excellent example of a simple, yet eye-catching design. They’ve also made their clients’ lives easier by offering the option of scheduling an appointment online, using the Wix Bookings system.

Best law firm websites The Hutt Law Firm

15. Jake Kim Law Firm

Jake Kim's law firm website showcases several savvy features, like an easy-access chat box and a testimonials section. That said, the most strategic addition is arguably the blog. You might be thinking, "Isn't blogging a bit passé?" But blogging can be a powerful tool for demonstrating your knowledge, staying connected with people who aren't ready to sign on the dotted line and most importantly, search engine optimization (SEO). A strong SEO strategy can help you increase your site's visibility and attract more visitors.

No idea where to begin? Wix has plenty of SEO features to put you on the right path.

Jake Kim's law firm website

16. Nevada Civil Rights

The Nevada Civil Rights law firm cleverly offers free consultations on its homepage, which encourages potential clients to get in touch without worrying about the costs. This ease of access can significantly increase client engagement. Secondly, free consultations provide a no-risk opportunity for clients to understand the firm's expertise and approach, fostering trust and rapport right from the start. By removing the financial barrier for the first meeting, the firm not only broadens its reach but also demonstrates a commitment to accessible legal support.

Wix's scheduling software makes it even easier for customers to set up an initial consultation with you.

17. Nicole Black

This image-based website boasts attractive full screen images and an appealing, spacious layout. Acting somewhat like an online resume, it features Nicole Black’s various fields of practice, from lawyer to journalist, speaker and author. She’s also made sure to add a social bar, linking to her personal accounts, so that visitors can easily reach out and get to know her better.

Best law firm websites Nicole Black

18. Roller Law

‘Organized’ is definitely a word that comes to mind upon seeing this site. Each of the firm’s practice areas are clearly explained on the homepage, along with an image to illustrate the idea and a ‘Learn More’ button to help guide visitors to the relevant page for them. The defined color scheme of white, plus two shades of blue, remains cohesive throughout every page. There’s also a blog, helping demonstrate their level of expertise.

Best law firm websites Roller Law

19. Caudill Law Group

The Caudill Law Group website stands out as an effective law firm site, notably due to its recurring theme of being "your guide." This phrasing cleverly positions the firm as more than just a legal service provider—it casts them as a trusted ally and navigator through complex legal landscapes. This approachable language helps potential clients feel supported and understood. Furthermore, the clear layout, direct messaging, and accessible contact options all contribute to a user-friendly experience, reinforcing the firm's commitment to guiding clients with ease and expertise through their legal needs.

Caudill Law Group's law firm website

How to create a law firm website and best design tips

Now that you’re full of inspiration, you can decide whether you’d like to create a website yourself using one of Wix’s law firm website templates, or reach out to a website designer to help you along the way. Either way, there are some crucial points you should take into account.

After all, your website is practically your CV. It’s likely to be the first impression your customers will get of you, so paying attention to each and every detail is a must. Establish yourself as a professional by creating a striking website design. It will help mark your firm as experts in the field, reflecting credibility and trustworthiness.

If you’re in the process of making a website for your law firm, feel free to browse through our favorite website examples for inspiration. You can also get a head start by tailoring one of these designer-made law firm website templates to your needs. Or get started by understanding more about creating a website with AI with the Wix AI website builder.

01. List your areas of expertise

As soon as your site visitors enter your site, they’ll want to understand the who, what and where of your firm. The likelihood is that they’ve landed on your page for a specific purpose, so you should help them instantly understand what your practice areas are, within the general field of law. If it takes them too long to find this section, you could risk losing potential clients due to frustration or confusion.

02. Describe your firm’s vision

It’s much easier to trust someone once you’ve gotten to know them, isn’t it? The same goes for your law firm website. Put together a few words to form a powerful statement describing your vision, or your general outlook. This will help potential clients get to know you and better understand your mindset. In turn, this can help build affection and trust.

03. Introduce each of the firm’s attorneys

Similarly to the point above, help your audience get to know the various lawyers working at the firm with a photo and a short bio. This way, they can start forming a bond with them right from the get-go, and also pinpoint which one will be best suited to their needs.

04. Show off your achievements

Won any awards? Received positive feedback? Shout it from the rooftops! Your website is your chance to transform your site visitors into loyal customers, so be loud and proud about your achievements, as well as any publications you’re responsible for. This will help build credibility and eventually persuade clients that you can help them win their cases.

05. Be easily contactable

At the end of the day, an overriding goal of your website is to convince your site visitors to get in touch with you. To increase your chances of that happening, make sure to list your email, address and phone number in an obvious place on your website, such as in the menu bar at the top of the page, or in the page’s footer (or both).

Another way of being more easily reachable is to include a contact form, or provide the option of online scheduling, ensuring minimal hassle.

06. Add a live chat widget

These days, we’re so used to textual communication (via text messages, Messenger and the likes) that you should consider implementing it on your law firm website, too. For some people, writing a message is a lot more comfortable than making a phone call. By adding a chat option to your site, visitors will be more inclined to reach out, especially if there’s a chance of receiving an instant response.

07. Integrate CTAs (call-to-actions)

Call-to-actions are short phrases, usually in the form of buttons or clickable text, that prompt your audience to click and take action. Add multiple CTAs throughout your law firm website to encourage visitors to get in touch, ‘Read More’, ‘Get a Quote’ and so on. Check out a few more call-to-action examples in the websites featured above.

08. Apply the basic principles of web design

Like any website, the design of your law firm website has to be up to scratch. Not only should it be aesthetic, it should also reflect your firm’s brand identity and help direct customers to the information that is relevant to them (utilizing things like RSS feeds).

To do so, choose a website color scheme and font combination that will evoke the essence of your brand and give you a professional look. You can also create your own logo and place it at the top of your site, linking it to the homepage to ensure intuitive navigation.

Best law firm websites FAQ

How to make a law firm as a student?

As a student, consider using a website builder, like Wix, to create your first law focused site. You can create a great website efficiently, with or without AI.

What are some tips to keep in mind when creating a law firm website?

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