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Wix made: beautiful arts and crafts websites

Wix made: beautiful arts and crafts websites

When you decide to make a website with Wix, you'll see that it's not very different from arts and crafts. In both cases, you make something beautiful all on your own. Still, you got to have respect for those talented people who can actually make things with their bare hands. Most of us get our jewelry, toys, accessories or decorations at the store, but some folks are DIYing it all the way.

It’s probably not a coincidence that arts and crafts experts are also learning how to create websites for themselves. They bring their own style and vision, we bring beautiful website templates—you can see the end result in the examples listed here below. 11 websites that have spectacular design and high usability, all devoted to the hand-made creations of people from all over the world.

Be careful when you view them! You WILL be tempted to buy all those gorgeous items.

Speckled Wood >>

Oliver Makes Dolls >>

Use And Take Care >>

Looking for more web design inspiration? Check out these brutalist websites as one example. As well as our beautiful Contact Us pages and video website templates too.

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