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8 great ways to spark creativity in your everyday life

2018 is the year to finally let your creative talents go wild. Creativity comes in various forms. We believe that every person – no matter what their profession or training – has it in them (which is why our motto is that everyone can create a website). But different people have different ways to express their talents and tend to look for inspiration in different places.

Making music, creating artwork, writing fiction, acting on stage – many individuals choose to follow these paths to develop their creative side. But creativity isn’t only bound to these artistic endeavors. There are many things you can do in your everyday life to give voice to your inner genius.

If you’re looking for fun and accessible ways to spark your creativity (or even learning how to become an entrepreneur), then you need to check out these eight awesome suggestions. Each of them requires you to tap into your creative senses and you can totally balance them with your daily life. So while your business life might be heavily focused on your professional growth and SMART goals, you can take the time to discover something a little more creative.

Create your own blog

Got a passion project? A hobby? Something you care deeply about that you find yourself thinking about often? Blog about it! Even if it's just to share how much you enjoyed your weekend. Creating a blog dedicated to a topic close to your heart is a terrific way to engage with your progress, goals and challenges as you develop your experience with it.

Your blog can display your recent arts and crafts creation; it can discuss a righteous cause that you feel strongly about; it can promote reviews of the books you are reading – the possibilities are endless! By taking the time to put your thoughts on paper not only are you fine tuning your writing skills,  you’re also tapping into the visual side of the process. In addition, blogging about these issues will inspire you to dig deeper and experiment with new directions within these fields. By writing about your creative endeavors, you will be fostering a creative environment. You can start blogging right away by using one of our blog templates to get going.

Take an improv class

Many people think that improvising in theater, comedy and entertainment is something that you’re either born with or you’re not. That’s not entirely true. You can train in order to enhance your improvisation skills by taking classes. These lessons are not strictly for theater buffs. Being able to improvise is a life skill that will support you in almost any profession, relationship or pastime activity.

Improv classes are not only super fun, they are also a magnificent way to unleash your creativity. The goal is to force you to adapt to any situation, which is an efficient way to expand your mind and thinking. They also teach you how to pay attention to your environment, notice subtle details and find the right moment to say just the right thing. Since they are taught in a group setting, improv classes allow you to interact with other budding talents just like yourself and encourage you to do your best in a supportive atmosphere.

Experiment with video editing apps

Everyone with a smartphone knows how to record a video on any device. But did you know that you can also edit your mobile videos with a variety of apps, straight from your phone? It’s time to explore what you’re capable of as a director. Video editing apps are getting more and more advanced, offering neat features to boost your videos with special effects, audio tracks, precise cutting and much more. Video editing serves as an excellent creativity booster. Why? Because it exposes your senses (both hearing and visual) to a wide range of stimulating pieces of content. This playful exercise offers multiple opportunities to create and organize content in many different sequences.

There are plenty of these apps out there, but you can start by checking out Adobe Premiere, Magisto or Quik. If you get mad skills and want to show off your awesome videos, you can use our video website templates to set up a site in no time.

Practice public speaking

Talking in front of an audience – no matter the topic – is both a performance and a form of art. Mastering public speaking includes capabilities such as: focusing on your message, answering questions on the spot, delivering a great punchline, controlling your voice and body language and properly reading the room. There’s a lot of creative thinking involved in each of these actions.

For many people, public speaking is a rather rare occasion, if not a dreaded nightmare! But just like with most things in life, practice makes perfect. If you look for them, you will find opportunities for public speaking all over the Internet. You can sign up for a local storytelling night, volunteer to moderate a panel in your profession, or you can teach a class in your own expertise or hobby. The important thing is not to let fear get in the way. Be bold and grab the mic!

Wix: Practice public speaking

Design online albums for your digital photos

Let’s be honest: How many photos did you take this week? How many file of photos are lying on your hard drive? How many terabytes of cloud storage are exploding with pics that you randomly took and have not looked at once since? If you organized your photos in neat albums, you would not only be engaging with your precious moments, you would also be curating your life in pictures and telling a story.

This doesn’t mean you need to print all those pics, gluing your fingers to your forehead as you try to set them up nicely in a scrapbook. Instead, why not create online photo albums? Wix has plenty of photography templates or visual arts templates you can use. This way, you get total creative control over the albums’ design. It also allows you to easily share your albums with family and friends. All you need to do is copy/paste the link.

Get involved with podcasting

If you are not yet addicted to podcasts, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Podcasts can be fun, thrilling, informative and inspiring. If you’ve always been attracted to radio and auditory communications, podcasting could be a wonderful way to tap into your creative genius. While producing and writing a podcast is a serious task, it’s also incredibly rewarding.

You will get to learn so much in the process, develop a really neat skill and deepen your knowledge of the topic you choose to cover in your broadcasts. Of course, the internet offers many resources to support you in the process. There’s even a that will guide you through creating your own podcast!

Wix: Start a podcast

Develop an online community

For many people, creative work is first and foremost a communal project. When people come together to exchange ideas and experiences, they all get a chance to benefit and grow together. Establishing an online community around a theme you are fascinated or passionate about will most definitely have this effect for you and for the members of your virtual community.

A terrific tool for setting up an online community is Wix Forum. It allows you to create a forum using the Wix drag and drop Editor, giving you plenty of control over the design and the available features. It’s intuitive and easy to set up, so if you get started now you can launch your online forum today.

Train your body and your mind

Believe it or not, your next crossfit session might actually bring about your next creative breakthrough. Creativity comes from our mind, but it also needs the body’s help. Studies show that regular exercise enhances your creative senses and can strengthen your innovative thinking. Exercise supports healthy brain activity, stimulates neurons and even improves your memory.

The physical strain helps quiet down the “noise” in your mind, focusing your thoughts and setting the ground for new, brilliant ideas to emerge. You don’t need to be a triathlon champion to get these benefits. A steady exercise routine that integrates conveniently within your schedule will be enough to reap the benefits.

Want to unleash your creativity online? Create a website with Wix!

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