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9 great apps from the Wix App Market

Wix App Market

When one of your primary drivers for your business is having a strong online presence, it’s essential that you create a website that’s attractive and accessible to clients. But if you need to extend its functionality even further, the Wix App Market is your next stop.

The Wix App Market offers hundreds of apps catering to many different business types. From social networking applications to marketing tools and analytics, there’s something for just about everyone. Without further adieu, sit back while we showcase some of the best apps that can help your business in big ways.

Wix App Market

9 great apps from the Wix App Market

Visitor Analytics is a great tool that provides detailed insights on how people interact with your website. While the Wix app collects the stats you care about, its best aspects is how those metrics are displayed. You can track site visitors by their country, device type, IP address and conversion rate, and the charts and graphs are easy to read and understand. You can also view their navigation path on your web pages so you know exactly how they engage with your site. Then, Visitor Analytics lets you export all your analytics data to an Excel spreadsheet for additional flexibility.

As a business owner, you’ll want an app for your website that lets you create any kind of form with ease. After all, forms are still one of the most effective ways to collect information and get feedback from customers. With the 123 Form Builder app, you’ll be able to build a fully customized form to fit your brand. All you have to do is choose from its catalogue of templates and begin designing whichever type of form you need, from contact forms and donations to surveys, orders and everything in between.

123 Form Builder from the Wix App Market

03. POWR

POWR’s website plugins are designed to help grow your small business website by offering tools that can boost conversions, increase your social media followers, support your customers and gather insights into their preferences and pain points. These are all must-have features to ensure any business’s online success. For example, you can add a hit counter widget to your website that lets you show off your site traffic. People are more likely to trust and buy from your business as they watch your site’s popularity rise in real time. This also helps you track the number of site visitors and measure your progress.

04. Tidio

This live chat tool will be a great addition to your marketing strategy, since it enables you to see who's browsing your website in real time and provides insights into a prospective client’s geographical location, device type and browser. More importantly, with Tidio potential customers will be able to get in touch with your business anytime and you’ll be able to get back to them right away - slashing response time and boosting your sales.

Tidio from the Wix App Market

Mailmunch is an app on the Wix App Market that's incorporated in some of the best business websites. It provides your business with the tools you need to grow your email list and increase conversions. For example, Mailmunch helps you create discount coupons that you can use to incentivize people to subscribe. You can also create opt-in forms by choosing from a selection of form templates, including popups, scrolls boxes and embedded forms, that you can customize to match your brand. These professionally designed forms can really grab your site visitors attention and convert even better, too.

From form builder to content and social media widgets, Elfsight offers an array of useful tools that will complement your business website. For example, you can use its social media widgets to showcase your Instagram feed on your site and talk with clients via Facebook chat. You might also consider adding the Testimonials Slider, since testimonials play a major role in helping boost credibility and build trust around your brand. With the slider, you’ll be able to feature customer testimonials in the best possible way by focusing on the important details of real people, such as their names, pictures and own words.

07. Poptin

Every successful business wants to capture more leads, boost email subscribers and increase overall visitors’ engagement. While there are different ways to accomplish this, you can start by adding the right widgets to your website. Poptin offers tools to conduct surveys and improve subscription rates by employing popups at the perfect moment. The app also uses automated sales offers to intercept and reduce shopping cart abandonment. You can create customized popups in minutes, requiring no coding skills. To understand some of the possibilities available, you can check out Poptin's pop up gallery.

Poptin from the Wix App Market

Although the accounting profession can be traced to ancient civilizations, your business doesn’t have to keep to the old forms of bookkeeping. You can automate all your accounting by integrating OneSaas by QuickBooks to your site. This app saves you from having to enter invoices manually by retrieving orders directly from your online store. It also syncs with what’s going on your website, for example, if you add a product to your store, QuickBooks automatically configures those new items in its records. This provides for an easier accounting system and sales data management.

Whether you’re collecting resumes for a new job opening within your company or you need photos for a custom order, you’ll want to make it easy to submit documents to your website. The Dropbox app is your answer. You can effortlessly connect your website to your Dropbox account and customize the upload form to fit your brand’s look and feel. The app also lets you ask for an email address or password that people must submit before uploading a file, and you can even set the file size limit. Then, stay up-to-date with activity on your site and opt to receive email notifications when a file is uploaded.

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