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6 ways to view Instagram beautifully on the web

Ways to View Instagram Beautifully on the Web

Instagram is no longer playing second fiddle to the big boys. This social network exploded and took over 500 million users on their ride. With opportunities for advertising and analytics, it’s time to make sure you’ve mastered the channel on mobile and desktop. While the desktop version has now added the much-needed search bar, there is still more to see. Luckily, Instagram’s API (“application programming interface”) allows programmers to create awesome web viewers that display all pics, tags, comments, likes and locations from Instagram itself.

If you’re an Instagram junky and dying for a decent way to view pics online, check out these recommendations and choose the Instagram viewer that works best for you.

  1. Websta

  2. Iconosquare

  3. Picodash

  4. Yooying

  5. Picbear

  6. Pikore

01. Websta

What once was simply an Instragram viewing tool, Websta is now so much more. Not only can you post on your social feed, you can discover the most popular Instagramers in your own community and find brands to give you serious inspiration. What’s more, with both free and paid analytics options you can learn the ins and outs of your post engagement and improve your reach.


02. Iconosquare

Aside from the wonderful photo-viewer that Iconosquare offers, this app also lets you keep track of your Instagram stats. It’s a great way for “professional users to measure success and engagement, but also for everyday users to stay updated on their data.” Don’t get intimidated by the numbers, with excellent UX you can feel safe dipping your toes into the metrics pool.

03. Picodash

Beyond viewing Instagram, with Picodash you can filter based on location, hashtags, likes, and date/time. These advanced filtering capabilities can be a huge help when jumping into the world of social media management. Check out your local area or explore who else is using keywords you associate with your brand to understand your community even better.

*FYI, this service will cost you some $.

04. Yooying

If your goal is to discover something or someone new on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. Yooying is all about popularity and finding inspiration. Trust us, you could stumble around this site for quite a while.

05. Picbear

Ever wonder who is not following you on Instagram but don’t feel like the ridiculous hassle of going one by one? Admit it, we all are a tad bit curious. Here you can discover who you’re not following and who’s not following you as well as the most successful people and tags on the channel at all times.

06. Pikore

Ready for free and easy to read analytics? We thought so. Pikore will give you simple graphs and need-to-know info on your most liked posts. What’s more, you’ll learn the best times to post on your specific channel and gain followers.


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