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Go back to school with these 5 free online learning websites

For a lot of people, the impending end of summer can only mean 1 thing: back to school time. But even if you’ve long since left the school bells behind, as far as we’re concerned,  you’re never too old to learn something new.

Whether it’s a new language, professional growth, how to start your own business or learning how to create a website, there are a ton of online learning sites available to teach you the tricks of the trade. And best yet, many of those websites are even free!

Here are some of our favorite online courses just in time for the new school year.

A free online courses and tutorials for online success

Call us biased, but Wix Learn is our favorite online course on the entire internet (and not just for those learning how to become an entrepreneur). These curated courses and tutorials cover a range of industry specific topics including blogging, site building and design, SEO, ecommerce and digital marketing. You can gain in-depth knowledge and learn best practices in any field.

From essential blogging skills like blog monetization, to in-depth webinars, Wix Learn really is the full package for promoting yourself online and growing your business. Oh, and did we mention that you can also obtain certifications to further your professional development?

Try Wix Learn for yourself.

On a mission to teach the world how to code

According to, computing occupations are some of the highest-paying jobs for new graduates, yet less that 3% of college students earn their degree in computer science. As it turns out, you can possess one of the most sought after career skills online, for free from Code Academy. Are you up for joining the code revolution?

World class education for everyone

Khan Academy is a non-profit website that believes that with the power of the internet, everyone around the world should have access to world-class education. From Kindergarten to college entry test prep, Khan Academy has it all. Want to learn about art history? You got it. Regret never taking physics in high school? It’s not too late.

The best part? This free website offers classes taught by legends and experts in every field. Boasting proud partners like NASA and The Museum of Modern Art, we’re feeling pretty confident in Khan.

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom” ‒ Roger Bacon

Travel the world without leaving your computer – Duolingo is an incredible online learning website where you can learn a new language for free. With fun gamification elements, Duolingo has a certain je ne sais que that makes learning a new language uniquely fun.

Thousands of hours of learning content

Dreaming about making a career move? Would you believe that your latest marketable skill can be learned via a website?! Tree House is a tech-centric online learning site that can teach you everything from how to code with Ruby on Rails to how to build your own App with iOS.

Courses on Tree House are taught via their robust video library and then put to the test by way of quizzes and interactive challenges. Tree House provides its graduates with branded badges to show off the new skills you’ve learned.

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