21 Best Landing Page Examples to Learn From

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This post was last updated on November 8, 2021.

After you’ve set up your business and successfully created a website, it’s time to start capturing leads. So, what’s the most productive way to gain valuable information or engagement from your site visitors? Landing pages, aka LPs. Why? Because they are an extremely effective form of digital marketing.

The best way to determine which elements your landing page should include is first, to understand which are more likely to convince people to convert. Second, check out examples from other companies to better understand the visual elements. After that, you can use a landing page builder to generate an effective landing page of your own.

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What is the purpose of a landing page?

Unlike a traditional website where visitors are encouraged to browse through multiple pages and categories, a landing page is a one-page website that serves one purpose, and one purpose only, and that’s to get visitors to follow through on a single CTA. Be it to sell a product, capture new email subscribers or get registrations to an event, this powerful online marketing tool can drive conversion for any purpose you may need. Landing pages should have one clear message, supported by a descriptive headline, a few engaging visuals and a captivating CTA.

While people arrive at standard websites from different routes and for different purposes, landing pages are more of a marketing asset. Companies promote their landing pages through social media and paid advertisements on Google. Think of this page as a place where potential clients ‘land’ once they have clicked on your Google Ads link.

21 best landing page examples

From eCommerce to hospitality, and from web design to online marketing, let’s go over some of the best types of landing pages out there. We’ll explain why each is effective and what you can learn and implement when creating your own.

01. Wix.com

We’ll start off with something a little familiar. This Wix landing page is one of many used to draw in potential clients who are looking to start their online journey. The first fold includes all the essential elements you’d expect to find when creating a landing page: the company logo, a straightforward and descriptive headline, one consistent message, engaging and appropriate visuals, and a prominent CTA.

Let’s take an in-depth look into some of these elements.

What you can learn from Wix’s landing page:

Include a prominent CTA: Including a strong CTA is one of the most important landing page best practices. Don’t be afraid to be direct with the wording and bold with the colors. The message Start Now is clear and conveys a slight sense of urgency, while the blue color pops against the light orange background. Here are a few more tips for creating CTAs that convert:

  • Keep it short, only about two to four words.

  • Use action-oriented verbs, like ‘Get’ and ‘Subscribe.’

  • Incorporate a subtle hint of persuasion and urgency.

  • Use language that matches your brand identity.

  • Be as direct as possible. Users should know exactly what to expect after they have clicked on your CTA.

Use engaging visuals: Wix has beautified their landing page with a captivating and evocative digital illustration that continues throughout the length of the page. The top fold features a mountain whose peak points directly to the CTA, drawing visitors’ eyes straight to the button.

The mountain imagery relates to the idea of reaching new heights, perhaps by creating a website. The image (or images) you choose to display should quickly and effectively reflect the purpose of your product or service.

Minimize the scroll: All of your poignant information should appear ‘above the fold’ (the part of the website that’s viewable on the screen before visitors have to scroll down). This content should greet your visitor from the second that they click on your link.

In this example, the logo, headline, CTA and visuals are all available to the viewer above the fold. If your landing page requires more information, and therefore more space, you can use directional visual cues like arrows to invite them to scroll down. In this case, the water motif is what encourages visitors to keep scrolling, tying together the various elements of the landing page.

wix landing page

02. Udemy for Business

Udemy is a global marketplace for online courses of all shapes and sizes. From data science to graphic design and social media marketing, there are thousands of programs available for learning and teaching online. By enabling people to study from the comfort of their own homes, Udemy strives to help individuals enhance their skills and realize their visions.

While users are able to individually sign up for courses, this particular landing page promotes Udemy’s business plan. It offers companies a platform through which they can train and educate their employees, providing them with extra capabilities and knowledge on a range of topics. This can help businesses support their employees while working remotely and empower them to keep developing their careers.

Utilizing clear text, alongside a professional-looking headshot to set the tone, Udemy instantly explains what their solution for businesses is all about. The content above the fold is light and airy, compared to the rest of the page that has a more dynamic design to make sure that visitors stay engaged while scrolling.

What you can learn from Udemy’s landing page:

Create an engaging experience: The background ensures that each fold looks slightly different, crafting a compelling scrolling experience. At the same time, Udemy has made sure to keep the overall aesthetic consistent, sticking to their brand colors and a defined layout. The incorporation of images, video and testimonials that appear in a slideshow format keep visitors drawn to the screen.

udemy landing page

03. Milanote

This visual organization platform offers an easy-to-navigate LP as their main website’s homepage. A clean, white background allows the product description and CTA to stand out, while a colorful, collaborative product example is placed on the right side. The example shows various tools and features that display the product’s capabilities in a fun, engaging way.

As visitors scroll through, several product examples show off the product’s range and diversity. Bright colors provide an appealing experience, and user reviews back up the company’s claims.

What you can learn from Milanote’s landing page:

Show off your product’s full range of capabilities: Your target audience will be more likely to convert if they’re more knowledgeable of the tool you're trying to sell them. This doesn’t mean you need to provide text with every single detail. Appealing, creative imagery can be far more effective.

milanote landing page

04. Deliveroo

Founded in the UK, food delivery company Deliveroo now operates in many cities worldwide. While their central website targets customers making food deliveries, this landing page is aimed at restaurants that are looking to partner with Deliveroo.

It’s clear that the company has pinpointed the needs of their target market and has defined the overriding aim of their landing page. This helps to make a distinction between their main website and this one. Every bit of copy and design decision has been tailored to fit their goal.

Instead of photos of luscious salads and fresh-out-the-oven quiches seen on their general website, the overall design of this landing page is much more business-oriented. The video at the top focuses on restaurants and deliveries, rather than the customers. There’s also a short, explanatory sentence to instantly highlight what restaurants can gain from partnering with Deliveroo. A simple statistic helps strengthen this message.

What you can learn from Deliveroo’s landing page:

Utilize online forms: A common element in landing pages, online forms can help companies gather important information about customers. However, if they’re too long or complicated, customers are likely to get put off. In this case, Deliveroo has included only the most crucial details and has made it easy to fill in the form, thanks to convenient drop-down lists and clear labeling.

Include a privacy policy: If your form asks for sensitive information, you should reassure your visitors that their information is safe by highlighting your privacy policy. That way, they will be more inclined to oblige. Deliveroo has added a link to their privacy policy directly below the ‘Submit’ button, making it extra visible for their site visitors.

deliveroo landing page

05. Epicurrence

This event website by Epicurrence promotes their four-day conference for creatives. Merging adventure sports and activities with intimate, interactive discussions, this one-of-a-kind event is perfectly captured in this unique landing page example.

The design merges the elements of a classic landing page with intriguing copy, atmospheric illustrations and seemingly handmade dioramas that give a hint as to the event itself. A few bold, well-chosen words set the tone on the top fold. The CTA stays put as you scroll down the site, inviting visitors to buy a ticket without being too forceful.

Browsing the website almost feels more like being cosily wrapped up listening to a story around a campfire, than scrolling down what is ultimately a marketing asset. Thanks to the delicate text and dreamy illustrations, the overall experience is engaging, inviting visitors to linger a little bit longer.

epicurrence landing page

06. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has cleverly crafted a landing page nearly identical to their website. The difference? They’ve removed the menu bar from the top of the page, leaving the primary CTA, Get ExpressVPN, and the language option in the upper right corner. This way, the only action that remains is to purchase the product or close the page.

A large illustration containing an image of two people holding their smartphones on a vacant mountain conveys the message that ExpressVPN can be used from anywhere. The warm tones match the rest of the brand colors and the smiling faces of the characters relay a friendly demeanor that infers an easy going company culture.

What you can learn from ExpressVPN’s landing page:

Optimize for mobile: Your landing page should be optimized for mobile - there’s just no two ways about it. In fact, considering the amount of people who use mobile devices, the mobile version of your landing page may even garner more traffic than your desktop version. This LP is perfectly optimized for mobile, with fixed CTAs that follow the reader as they navigate through the site.

expressvpn landing page

07. Dropbox Paper

Mainly known for their file hosting service, Dropbox offers a number of additional tools and features. This landing page example promotes Dropbox Paper, a collaborative workspace for teams of all sizes. Aiming to provide a platform for remote teams to work together effectively, the platform includes brainstorming tools, a tool to help facilitate more effective meetings, and more.

Dropbox has utilized the wonders of visual hierarchy throughout their landing page, particularly in the top fold. Consisting of just a few words, this section perfectly captures the essence of their product. Thanks to the use of large text, site visitors’ attention is instantly drawn to this content, helping them understand what the product is all about. Smaller sized microcopy elaborates more on the product, while an animation helps clarify the message.

Further down the site, a very clean and spacious design is paired with explanatory text and videos, plus clearly defined buttons and a fixed menu that ensures you can easily sign up at any point. They have also included testimonials by various teams and companies, clearly showing visitors how their teams can gain from using the platform. By using the word stories instead of testimonials, the tone is more eye-level, making the references feel valuable and credible.

What you can learn from Dropbox’s landing page:

Incorporate whitespace: Whitespace is a design term referring to the amount of space between the various elements. Regardless of the objective of your landing page, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing.

Adding whitespace to your website layout is crucial, as it allows your content to breathe, while ensuring that your visitors will not feel inundated with information. Dropbox achieves this by crafting a spacious design and adding slideshows that help disperse the content.

dropbox paper landing page

08. Blue Apron

Planning and preparing three meals a day can be a challenge, especially when your daily routine is filled to the brim with other tasks and activities. Enter: Blue Apron. This home delivery service enables you