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Whether you use Google search for research or entertainment, you should know that it has tremendous capabilities that extend far beyond simple keywords and phrases. You may have already delved into various tabs that help narrow down your search by Image, News, Video and more, but did you know that there are over a dozen other tricks to maximize your search efficiency?

Want to know the basketball score? Just type in the name of your team. Need a PDF guide on creating a website? Simply use “filetype:pdf create a website” and Google will search for that specific file type. Don’t settle for a quick result without tapping into everything Google search has to offer. By using the search engine more efficiently, you will not only improve the time it takes you to find exactly what you need but also the quality of the content you are searching for.

Here are the top 10 best Google search tricks you’ve gotta try:

Using quotation marks to search for an exact phrase or set of words

Sometimes you just want to find exactly what you’re searching for, without related suggestions. To do this, simply use quotes to minimize the guesswork. This tells Google to search for the entire phrase as it is written. For example, if you search for The way the web was meant to be, the Google engine will look for any of these keywords in a variety of order and positions on different sites. However, if you place the same phrase in quotations, it will search for the sentence exactly as you typed it. This will let you find specific information that may not be sorted correctly.

Dashes to help you exclude content you don’t need

The English language contains dozens of ambiguous words that are open to interpretation. Bright could mean shiny or intelligent. Mustang could be a horse or a car made by Ford. To remove results that are not relevant to your search, simply add a hyphen (-) to tell the search engine to ignore content with specific keywords. For example, ‘Jaguar -animal‘ will remove results that include any animal references, leaving you with pages containing nothing but the finest British automobiles.

Site:query to find content within a specific website

There may come a time you need to find articles or references specifically within a particular website. This is used largely to perform research about company pages that have tons of content and is very simple to implement. Let’s say you want to find all information related to SEO on without having to flip through every blog and article. Simply type ‘ seo‘ in the search engine and it will bring up everything on the company’s website related to SEO, while removing any other websites.

Link:website to find sites that link to your specific website

Ever want to know which websites contain links to your website? Well, this fun query will let you do that in an instant. Perhaps you have a blog or article published somewhere and you want to see who is referencing it. Simply type ‘link:yourblogarticle‘ in the search engine and it will bring up every site on the internet that links back to your article. You will probably not use this trick very often, but it is extremely useful when you need it.

Food nutritional information

If you’re wondering whether you should eat the pizza or hamburger, Google can help you decide by giving you the nutritional information of the food you are searching for. Simply type the name of your favorite food and Google will give you a breakdown of calories, fat, cholesterol and vitamin information so you can make a more informed decision about what you are eating. You can search for nearly any type of food, from fruits and vegetables to bacon and chocolate cake.

Convert values + perform calculations

Google is one smart cookie. Not only does it index every public page on the internet, it also has time to perform all kinds of calculations. You can ask it basic questions like ‘how many liters are in a gallon‘ or even complex equations like ‘the square root of 423‘. We don’t recommend you use it on your next calculus assignment, but it is a handy tool when you need to do some quick math without overwhelming your brain or when you simply don’t have a calculator near by.

Translate any language

You don’t need fancy apps to help you translate foreign languages. With an internet connection readily available everywhere, Google provides a simple solution to help you communicate in any language. If you are using your mobile phone, you can even take advantage of the voice activated feature to translate whatever you are listening to. Simply type ‘translate‘ in the search window before the phrase you want to translate and watch how Google works its magic.

Google image search

Google image search is the newest addition to finding what you’re looking for on the web. By simply uploading an image to the search bar, you can find similar images, sites that include your image, and other sizes of the image you searched for. This tool also works very well on mobile if you are on the go and want to find the origin of a poster you see on the street, or perhaps do a quick background check on the online match you’re talking with to make sure they’re not lying about their identity.

Remember all of this info for your next search by saving this handy infographic:

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