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Web Design \ JUL 9th 2016

Gorgeous Wedding Websites You’ll Want to Copy

If you’re a bride or groom who’s getting ready to take your walk down the aisle, you must have a long to-do list to make sure your day is extra memorable. One thing you don’t want to miss? Your personal wedding website.

Wix is proud to offer couples that are getting ready to tie the knot everything they need to create a beautiful (and free) wedding website! We’ve recently introduced the new Wix Events to make wedding planning online even easier. Wix events app has everything you need to manage your even online, including: invites, easy RSVPs, custom templates and so much more.

Ready to put the .www in awww? Check out these beautiful wedding websites created with Wix!

Alec & Amanda’s Adventurous Website

When you’ve been together for as long as Alex and Amanda have, you have no shortage of memories shared together. Thankfully, that makes for plenty of beautiful pictures to fill your wedding website with.

What We ❤ Most:

Their ‘Adventures page’ gives wedding guests a peek into some of the special moments this couple has shared leading up to their wedding. Add your own special wedding photo gallery with any number of the many gallery options right in your Wix Editor.


Francesco & Adriana Mediterranean Adventure

All aboard! This Italian couple did a beautiful job incorporating a nautical theme throughout the Mediterranean based wedding website.

What We ❤ Most:

Their directions page is proof that even the most seemingly mundane page can fit into your theme with a little creativity. Find fun theme images in the free Clip Art section of your Editor.


Anna e Tommaso’s Journey

While it may be in Italian, anyone can understand just how awesome this wedding website is! From their adorable save the date gallery, to an animated journey of how they became a couple, this wedding website is sure to put a big smile on any attendee’s face.

What We ❤ Most:

The adorable animation they used. Add animation to your own Wix website.

anna and tommaso

Doron & Yam’s Destination Website

Planning a destination wedding can be stressful, but Doron and Yam make it look like a piece of (wedding) cake! Guests attending their Paris-based nuptials can turn to this wedding website for everything they need from hotel recommendations to the top things to see while they’re in town.

What We ❤ Most:
A page dedicated to their cats, who unfortunately won’t make it to the wedding.


Lyn & Angelo’s Thai Trip Down the Aisle

Lyn and Angelo are having a destination wedding unlike any other. Set on the picturesque beaches of Thailand, this couple’s wedding website has everything guests need to plan for the big day: from travel information down to a jam-packed itinerary.

What We ❤ Most:
The countdown is on with their fun countdown clock featured prominently on their homepage.


Megan & Patrick’s Ourdoorsy Design

There’s so much that we love about Megan & Patrick’s wedding website. These college sweethearts created a long scrolling site that will make every wedding guest feel as if they’ve been a fly on the wall of their fun relationship.

What We ❤ Most:
The charming showcase of their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Want to create a long-scrolling website like Megan and Patrick did? Make sure to add an anchor menu for easy navigation, just like they did.

meghan and patrick

Zuzka A L’ubo’s Stylish Strip Website

How do you say ‘I love you in Slovak’? We don’t know, but we do know that we love this stylish Slovak wedding website!

What We ❤ Most:
Each strip on this couple’s wedding website is more beautiful than the next! You can easily add strips to your own wedding website, just like Zuzka and L’ubo did.

mozno pride aj lubo

Nikki & David’s Urban Affair

Nikki & David’s wedding website reads like a love story between man, woman, and the city that made it all happen. Their stunning website is set to the backdrop of New York, where the couple met and will tie the knot.

What We ❤ Most:
Their stunning photo gallery – and the fun video they included too. Also, did you happen to see the cool 3D effect that they used on their homepage? That’s called parallax scrolling and you can easily add it to your website too.

Nikki and David s Wedding 2016_2

Nathaly & Yonni’s Website Is Close to Our Heart

Never has a website been more proudly created by Wix! Made by a member of our very own Community team, Nathaly and Yonni’s wedding website speaks to their fun spirits.

What We ❤ Most:

Them. And their list of must-eat-at restaurants for out of towners visiting Tel Aviv. An essential for any wedding website, Nathaly and Yonni added a direction’s page to their site. Make sure no one gets lost on the way to your wedding by adding a handy map to your website with the Google Maps app.

the schnyers wedding copy

Thierry & Catherine’s Bi-Lingual Beauty

This cute Quebec-based couple did an excellent job making both French and English speaking guests feel at home with their lovely website. From venue directions to dress code, nothing is lost in translation thanks to this couple’s helpful website.

What We ❤ Most:

Their wedding #hashtag in the footer and a page dedicated to Instagram. The Instagram app would be the perfect add-on for this website, and maybe yours too!


Ready to create your own wedding website? Check out our beautiful and free wedding website templates!

By Nathaly Myers
Community & Social Media Manager, Wix - About the Wix Blog

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