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Promote Your Site \ MAR 10th 2016

7 Must-Read SEO Tips for Online Stores

Search engine results are one of the most significant site traffic sources. No wonder, then, that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a huge priority for all website owners. When your website is meant to generate online transactions and each new click can quickly be converted into a sale, SEO is ever more crucial. So how do you make sure that your online store brings in more clicks from Google search results?

SEO for online stores is not essentially different than the optimization principles for regular sites. Here too, we rely on published content, links and meta descriptions. The difference is that online stores have a distinct site structure that requires a distinct optimization strategy. And you’re in luck because as you may know, Wix has the best SEO, and we’re going to show you exactly what you need to do to make sure your eCommerce website ranks high in Google.
7 Must-Read SEO Tips for Online Stores

The following tips are based on the unique traffic needs of online store managers, and are meant to bring in highly-targeted visitors in larger number:

01. Alt-Text Your Product Images

Search engines can’t read visuals, they can only read text. Adding Alt-Text to your product images allows them to be crawled. In other words, Alt-Text is turning your images into words that search engines read and index. Online stores typically have a large number of images in product galleries. Use these images as a resource to describe your products and their great appeal.

02. Use Internal Links Cleverly

You definitely want as many external sites linking to your online store as possible, but don’t discount the importance of internal links! For instance, you can link to featured products from your home page, or add separate links to each product category (in addition to the navigation menu). Another option is to link to specific products that you mention on your ‘About’ page.

03. Add a Store Blog

There are many marketing benefits for adding a blog to your online store, but even if we just focus on SEO, the value is huge. A blog provides you with an opportunity to add more optimized text about the store generally and about specific products; you can include internal links to individual pages; and very importantly, keeping a blog signals to search engines that your site is dynamic and active.

Add a Store Blog

04. Enjoy the Benefits of Customer Reviews

Positive feedback from existing customers doesn’t only increase your trustworthiness in the eyes of potential clients, it also introduces more textual description of your products, written in a tone that is clearly authentic and not manufactured (something search engines can pick up on). You can only use so many words in talking about your own goods, so why not let other people do it too?

05. Add Unique Meta for Each Product Category

Are you aware of the fact that you can add unique SEO meta data for each page on your site? Then why aren’t you optimizing each product category separately? If your store sells kitchen goods, for example, there’s obviously a difference in how you market cookware from how you market kitchen hardware. This difference should be applied in your categories’ meta data as well.

06. Don’t Skimp on the Product Description

When you build your online store and you add each individual product, this is your opportunity to really strengthen your site’s SEO. Be generous with words, describing your products in detail and integrating important keywords in your description. Remember – you don’t want to push it too far. If your product description is irrelevant or unrealistic you will end up losing rather than gaining customers.

Don’t Skimp on the Product Description

07. Beware of Duplicate Content

Search engines hate it when sites recycle texts and use duplicate content. The risk of this happening with online stores is higher than with regular sites, since the vocabulary you can use describing your products is not unlimited. Nevertheless, it is crucial that you do your best to be creative and original in your writing. The gain is well worth the effort!


If you’re serious about your online store’s SEO (we assume you are since you got to the end of this article) we simply must introduce to Wix SEO Wiz. This free tool will provide you with a personalized SEO checklist which includes a step-by-step list of tasks for you to accomplish. Don’t worry, it’s much easier than it sounds – the Wiz will tell where to change things in the Editor, and why it’s important that you do so. Completing the steps in Wix SEO Wiz will for sure boost your chances of ranking higher on Google!

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