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Wix \ OCT 21st 2015

Wix Music: A Game-Changing Tool for Promoting your Music Online 

If you make a living from recording, writing or playing music, chances are you’re working extra hard to land your next gig or sell another copy of your album. Making it as a musician takes much more than talent – it requires effective and ongoing marketing, a wide variety of online distribution channels and a stunning website. But what if you’re an independent artist with big dreams and a small budget? No worries, with our new Wix Music solution we’ve got your back.

Launched today, Wix Music is a game-changing, web-based, all-in-one solution for promoting, selling and distributing your music online.

Sell Your Music, Your Way

Wix Music is your perfect companion on your journey towards creative and financial freedom. It’s not just another online store for your music, it’s your marketing nerve center: a powerful online agent that drives your music to the masses, builds your fan base, boosts your online sales and kicks up your branding.

Let’s start with a quick look at some of Wix Music’s main features:

100% Commission-Free Sales Give You Real Independence

Wix Music is about freedom: the freedom to own your own music, set up your own prices, control your revenue and turn more profit. Wix Music lets you sell your music 100% commission-free directly from your site. You’ve heard right – we are 100% commission free. No hidden costs, no extra fees and no small print. What you sell is what you earn – #ItsThatEasy

Wix Music Player

Enjoy Total Creative Freedom

No one knows how to present your music better than you do and that’s why Wix Music gives you full creative control of every aspect of your website. Our music website templates were specifically designed for musicians, they’re super easy to customize and can be quickly adapted to fit any style and genre. Want a video background for your home page? A large slideshow with epic concert shots? An animated photo gallery featuring memorable jam sessions? Not a problem. Any artistic vision is easily attainable by simply dragging and dropping elements to create your website exactly the way you want it.  

Create your Music Website Today >>

Distribute Your Music Everywhere in One Go

When it comes to selling your music, exposure is the name of the game. That’s why we’ve built Wix Music as a huge global distribution power that distributes your albums and tracks to over 120 online stores & streaming services worldwide. These include huge vendors like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play but also cover all their localized versions worldwide. Casting a wide net, Wix Music lets you win hearts from your own home base, while at the same time, pushing your music to new offshore markets.  

Promote & Sell Concert Tickets

Being an artist is a full-time job so automating some of your marketing tasks can take a load off your shoulders. The Wix Music toolkit fully supports Songkick and Bandsintown: two powerful apps that turn promoting and selling your concert tickets into a breeze. Your upcoming shows and events will be displayed directly on your music website, allowing your fans to purchase tickets while playing your music, browsing your merch and checking out your bio.

Sell your Merch Faster

Offering your own branded merchandise is an easy up-sell and a great way to turn your fans into genuine ambassadors of your music. With a few simple clicks you can turn your music website into an eCommerce powerhouse that makes all your content shoppable. Best part? You pay no commission. Every cent you make from sales goes straight into your pocket, with absolute zero deductions.    

Merch Store

Hey Hey EPK  

Good music needs good marketing. Wix Music gives you excellent tools to set up a beautiful ,password-protected presskit on your website and share it with whomever you see fit. This is your golden opportunity to present your story in the most compelling way to labels, club owners and talent agents and score more gigs. Our EPK comes with built-in elements for you to organize and display whatever and each way you want: your bio, music, photos, videos, tour dates, reviews and much more.

Create your online EPK>>

Grow & Engage your Fan Base

The more you know about your fans, the easier it gets to engage them in new and exciting ways. By using “Wix ShoutOut”, our incredible email marketing solution, you can build your fan base directly from your website by soliciting visitors to sign up to your updates. You can see your full list of subscribers at any given moment and instantly send it beautiful newsletters, promotions, invitations and more. That’s exactly how Macklemore, Wix Music’s world most famous user, keeps the conversation going with his fans. Just a fun fact.

Check out Wix ShoutOut>>

Engage with your Fans

Measure your Success

So what did your music website do today? Wix Music offers you instant access to a real-time analytics dashboard to help you keep track of your music sales, streams, downloads & shares. No need to save files or keep records – get all the information you need on a single, simple dashboard.

24/7 Support

Wix Music users enjoy all the resources available to all Wix.com users – 24/7 online support and our international call center, weekly newsletters packed with news and info, our social media channels and blog, which are not only fun (we’re very objective here) but provide tons of tips and tricks . Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever your goals may be, we’re here for you.

Wix Music

Ready to share your music with the masses? Start using Wix Music today!

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