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Small Business Tips \ SEP 1st 2015

Meet Your Business’ Best Friend: My Account Dashboard

Running your own business? Need an online tool to help you manage all the moving parts?

If you’re a Wix user (or about to become one), we’ve got just the thing. Meet the ‘My Account’ dashboard, a powerful toolset designed to help you blast through your daily tasks by streamlining essential business activities like managing your contacts and business communications. 

Meet Your Business’s Best Friend: My Account Dashboard

Ready to dig deeper? Let’s take an in-depth look at all it has to offer:

Collect & Manage Your Contacts

Collecting contact information from your customers and clients is hugely important to maintaining and growing a business relationship. But staying on top of this can be a big job without some help. Happily, you can create and manage your customer contact lists with all the information and activity that’s been sourced through the your Wix website, right from your My Account dashboard. You can also upload, integrate and manage external contact lists so they’re all in one organized place. 

Send Emails To Your Contacts

Now that you’ve got your contacts in order, why not send them an engaging email? Here again, your personal Wix dashboard is at your service. Using Wix ShoutOut (an easy to use e-newsletter tool) you can send beautiful email campaigns to draw your customers back to your business. What was once a tedious and sometimes complicated task is now made simple, allowing you to do it all from one place. Share your ShoutOut via email or post on your social channels – they look great wherever they’re seen, mobile included.

Wix Shout Out

Set It & Forget It With Smart Actions

Wix’s Smart Actions allow you to send automatic emails to your site visitors and clients. Operating on simple ‘if this then that’ logic, you can customize which actions happen when. For instance, every time a new person subscribes to your newsletter, you can set a Smart Action to automatically send them a friendly welcome email.  There are currently 12 options to choose from that will help you stay connected with ease. 

Easily Manage Your Online Store & Transactions

Whether you’re using Wix Stores to sell your products through your website, Wix Hotels to allow (and encourage) guests to book directly through your website, or Wix Music to introduce and market your music through your website, you can manage it all through your My Account dashboard. Track your sales, manage your reservations, see who’s downloading your tracks, issue bills for payment, management inventory and so much more. 

My Account Ecom

Track Your Site’s Activity

Like to know what actions people are taking on your website? Of course you do! Located right in your personal dashboard is a Newsfeed with real time updates of your site visitors’ activities. It also features customized product information and updates tailored for your business so you can stay ahead of the curve. You’ll also find articles and tips from Wix’s own experts to help with your business’s marketing, SEO, web design and so much more.

Manage Your Own Wix Account

All of the details of your account with Wix are at your fingertips from your dashboard. Want to connect a new domain? No problem. Want to add a customized Google mailbox? Sure thing. Looking to change up your site’s permissions? Go for it! Making changes to your settings is all easily done from the comfort of your own personal dashboard.

Ready to take your business online? Create a free website with Wix!

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