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Small Business Tips \ AUG 18th 2015

10 Ways to Score More Freelancing Jobs

Every freelancer knows, setting off on your own can be a blessing and a curse. In good news, you’ll rarely need to skip a long lunch date or friend’s birthday party, you get to choose projects that keep you inspired, and you certainly won’t be heard saying you’re bored. Win! On the flip side, one major challenge can be constantly finding new work.

You’re not alone! Luckily, we’ve got a few tips to help you bring in biz with a killer online presence.

10 Ways to Score More Freelancing Jobs

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Make Your Website Work For You

You leave an event after receiving 5 business cards, what is the first thing you do? You go home and Google everyone of course! As a freelancer you want people looking you up online. Step 1: Create a stunning website with all the necessary info. Make sure to include a work portfolio, writing samples, and a downloadable CV. Give potential clients a one stop shop to see your work, be impressed and contact you right away.

Get Social On Screen

Social media is much more than the place you waste 20 minutes procrastinating that final thing on your to do list. It is also an information hub. As a freelancer you’ll want to have a social media presence for your business, even if you’re the sole employee. Open a business profile and/or page on all of the major social channels and show you’re in tune with the trends of your field by posting career centric content. LinkedIn is a great place to gather endorsements and spend some extra energy.

Get Your Name On The List(s)

The yellow pages may have become old fashioned but local directories and list serves are still an excellent place to bring in new business. Make sure to investigate the online and offline directories in your area as well as within your particular field.

News and Notes

Don’t just put your info on a list, sign-up to get newsletters from industry influencers and stay in the know. There are loads of publications and message boards for every profession. You’ll want to receive newsletters from the pros to stay up to date and sign up for message boards to engage with other colleagues in your field.


Nothing sells better than word of mouth. That’s why you’ll want to collect amazing testimonials from clients at the end of each project. Build it into your workflow! Simply ask your clients to give you a testimony and then put it on social media (IE LinkedIn), your website (we’ve got the perfect app), and all other directories with this feature. This alone can give your potential customers the confidence to sign on the dotted line.


Giving your services away for free is a fine line to walk, but an important one. While we would never want you to be taken advantage of, there are excellent opportunities where a bit of volunteer work will bring in paid projects tenfold. If you have the chance to work on a project far bigger than you have tried before, with an exceptional team, in an area you hope to improve or where you’ll simply bump elbows with a few people you’ve been hoping to chat with – go for it! If you do excellent work, this is a fool-proof investment.

Make Friends

We don’t mean the kind of friends who necessarily watch your dog while you’re out of town, we mean the ones who when they can’t take a gig will serve it up to you. Those are excellent friends to have. So go out on the town and join as many meetups and networking events as you can. Bring a stack of business cards, a clean shirt and a positive attitude. For those a bit less outgoing, also bring a buddy.


Write a newsletter or a blog or a guest article, but write. Get your message out there and sound like the expert you are. For those who are less linguistically inclined, you can create other opportunities like doing an interview as either interviewer or interviewee for a relevant publication. At the end of the day you want published and shareable content that shows you off.

Build A Team

We know you’re a freelancer and you’re going it alone, but when building your business the saying “power in numbers” just rings true. Just as you want to get to know potential clients and other members of your industry, you’ll also want to find some great freelancers that offer complementary services. Say you are a dog walker, perhaps you can partner with a groomer and an animal trainer to offer bundled services to interested clients. That way you have 3 times the marketing power and 3 times the network collecting new customers at the same time. Plus, there’s no competition.

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Say Yes!

When you’re getting the ball rolling you’ll want to say yes as much as possible. Can you do abc in 5 days? – Yes! Are you able to experiment with xyz for a new solution? – Yes! Now of course you should never promise anything you can’t do, deadlines included, but you’ll need to push yourself. Sometimes saying yes will leave you over-worked or challenge you to do loads of things you haven’t done before, but if you deliver, you may be able to start saying no very soon. And isn’t the goal to have so much work you need to say no?!

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