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Web Design \ MAR 14th 2015

10 Exceptionally Beautiful Single Page Websites

The big one-page trend in web design is a terrific example of how the mobile industry is changing online habits on a mass scale. A couple of years ago, a website that only had one page might haven been considered amateurish. Today, with so many people surfing the web on their mobile device, clicking for navigation is becoming a hassle because scrolling a touchscreen is so much easier. But the trend is not limited solely to mobile websites. Scrolling rather than clicking is a user behavior that extends to full sites as well.

This is why long, single-page websites are now so popular, but creating a one-page website poses a few challenges for site owners and designers. How do you display so much content on a single page without making a mess? How do you avoid clutter? How do you choose what appears on the top? How do you combine a practical layout with an aesthetically appealing design?

We wanted to share here a list of 10 Wix users who were able to deal with these questions exceptionally well and create splendid one-page websites. We always learn so much from looking at what our own users are doing with their sites, so without a doubt, this list can be super useful to anyone who faces the one-page challenge:

Acme Beer >>

Acme Beer

DJ D.O.D >>


Lisa Kramer >>

Lisa Kramer

Michael Thurber >>

Michael Thurber

Nytch >>


Pota Topia >> 

Pota Topia

Vita Desks >> 

Vita Desks

The WB3>>

The WB 3

Eekbl Suvefestival >> 


Laser Kat >>

Laser Kat


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