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14 Small Businesses That Really Know How to Instagram

businesses who master Instagram

Instagram is not an easy platform for businesses to market themselves on. Producing high-quality, enticing and unique visual content requires effort and time (trust us, we know. We have our own Instagram account). But if you decide to go through with it, Instagram often proves to be one of the most engaging social platforms out there, generating frequent and valuable interaction with users and potential clients. Also making money on Instagram is a great way to generate revenue.

We can write a lot about what makes a successful Instagram account, but there’s a far more effective way to clarify it. Below you will find 14 Instagram users – coincidentally they are also Wix users with remarkable websites – who are doing amazing work promoting their small business on Instagram. Browse through their accounts and you’ll get an idea of what brands and small companies can do with images to engage on social platforms.

Bon Puf >>

Bon Puf

Fringe and Fettle >>

Fringe and Fettle

Shme Custom Kicks >>

Shme Custom Kicks

Candy Clothing >>

Candy Clothing

Infuse Vodka >>

Infuse Vodka

Valeria Yvette Gonzalez >>

Valeria Yvette Gonzalez

Gordon Bennett >>

Gordon Bennett

Brad Albright >>

Brad Albright

Get Jus >>

Get Jus

Moi Flower >>

Moi Flower

The Dog Matchmaker >>

The Dog Matchmaker

Fallen Industry >>

Fallen Industry

Tart Arte >>

Tart Arte

Paper and Pop >>

Paper and Pop


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