Published your Wix Site? 5 Great Maintenance Tips

Designing a beautiful Wix website? Check. Going live and spreading the news to the world? Check. Congratulating yourself on a job well done? Check. But wait a minute! Being a website owner is an ongoing task. If you want to make sure that your site gets an ongoing stream of new visitors, you’ll need to perform some maintenance work.

As you prepare to launch your website, take a few minutes to think about a timetable for future site updates. You shouldn’t do all at once, but rather spread the maintenance action items over a reasonable time span that will keep your website content fresh for a good duration.

Here are a few ideas that might come in handy in this process:

1. Adding New Images

A new set of images is always a good enhancement, even if your website is not primarily reliant on visual content. Types of visuals you should consider include photos from recent events, images of new products, daily “behind the scenes” style pics that depict your occupation, or even new icons to compliment the existing layout.

If you can’t produce new images to add, you should use only a portion of what you can get hold of for the website launch and then add the rest later on.

2. Creating a Reviews or Testimonials Page

Once your website is live you can start collecting reviews or testimonials from visitors, clients and partners. When you have enough content (typically 3-5 responses from different people), you can create an additional page on your site that will be dedicated for this purpose.

This is not only a smart branding move that will help you establish credibility. Having a reviews or testimonials page will allow you to gradually gather more responses and uploading them to site.

3. Writing a News Section or Blog

Like testimonials, news and blogging sections on the site act as a dynamic source for fresh content. If you dedicate only a couple of hours every week or so to update this section you have yourself a simple and effective way to keep your website in motion.

A huge bonus when adding a news section or a blog is the fact that search engines really like websites that update frequently with new textual content.

4. Minor Design Revisions

While redesigning your website entirely is not something that you’d want to do often, introducing small and seamless changes every once in a while is a great way to keep things fresh without too much headache.

Wix users have it good, since the Wix editor allows you to perform such minor adjustments with a few clicks and without intervening with the overall design. Here are just a few examples of such revisions you can make easily:

5. Stay Informed

If you want to make sure your website doesn’t end up in stagnation, we suggest you tap into important conversations that will keep you in the loop about new trends in website building (Smashing Magazine, Web Design Ledger and Speckyboy are good places to start). You can even get more specific and follow what other websites in your field or industry are doing for maintenance.

Another important resource to tune into is news from Wix about new features and functionalities. We promise to keep you up to date on our Facebook and Twitter channels, and on the Wix Blog, of course!

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