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Web Design \ OCT 15th 2013

Self-Made: Success Stories by Web Designers

Two decades ago, if you were to meet someone who claimed to be a “web designer,” you probably would have had no clue what this person was talking about. Today, web design is a much sought-after profession, and web designers are considered to be a pivotal to the tech industry.

One of the main appeals of the web design field is that it offers creative and visually-oriented people a chance to build their careers in the prosperous web industry. In other words, it makes graphics skills pay off, since it’s a job that provides an artistic outlet but can also pay the rent. Who wouldn’t want that?

Self-Made: Success Stories by Web Designers

But being a web designer is not always easy. Web designers just getting started in this career path can face many challenges when trying to establish themselves as professionals. By overcoming these challenges, experienced designers who have been there themselves can offer valuable advice and guidance.

Wix is committed to empowering web designers, and we’re happy to offer the “young blood” in the industry support and advice. In this post, we present three talented web designers who have made it in the business. Through their words of wisdom, they share their own success stories and describe how they use Wix to advance their careers.

James Gelinas | California, USA >>

After many years working as a conceptual art director for several corporations, James Gelinas realized he wanted to develop his skills as web designer and work as a freelance professional. James had worked with designers before but had no experience himself with graphics software for web publishng: “I asked myself, do I put everything on hold for the next three to four years just to learn the basics of the programs… or could there be a way to learn as I go and still put out the of quality work I needed for success?” That’s how he discovered Wix.

The web publishing platform allowed James to create websites with his existing set of skills. He could quickly and efficiently produce great designs that his clients were pleased with. “After a couple of months of work I could design almost any website style I could dream up,” he says.

James joined the Wix Arena program for professional designers, where his portfolio is presented to potential clients. Through this program, James has been able to rapidly expand his business: “I’ve watched my business grow every year and have been introduced to some of the most incredible clients, large and small, that anyone could ask for.”

Self-Made: Success Stories by Web Designers

The Q Lounge – a Wix Website Designed by James Gelinas

Shellie Postal | Ohio, USA >>

Like James, Shellie did not start out as a web designer. Her passion for creative work inspired her to devote herself to graphic and web design, and Wix has been instrumental in helping her achieve that: “Over 50% of our business is Wix-related,” she says.

Shellie stresses that it’s important to understand each client’s needs and resources, and to adjust the work accordingly. Some clients will want a tailor-made website, while others have more basic needs; some require the designer to be completely hands-on, while others want to be able to edit their websites themselves. Thankfully, she notes, Wix provides designers with the ability to adapt to their clients’ various wishes.

Shellie’s ideal client is “a client who allows me to have the creative freedom to bring their vision to life in my own way.” With Wix, this collaborative vision is made possible in the Arena, where designers and clients can meet and discuss their plans and methods.

Self-Made: Success Stories by Web Designers

Bake You Happy – a Beautiful Website Designed by Shelly

David Bushey | London, UK >>

In running his own design agency, David puts both his creative passion and his business aspirations to work. “We help our clients use creativity to lay foundation, provide clear direction and real understanding to what can be achieved with their brand,” he says.

What guides David in his work is the drive to “challenge preconceptions and adopt innovative approaches.” He advises designers to constantly seek new sources of inspiration and to develop their artistic vision.

The advantage of Wix, says David, is that the simple platform gives the designer great room for creative freedom. For him, being creative in the design process is key to producing great designs, and Wix is a great tool for expressing the designer’s own creative thinking.

Self-Made: Success Stories by Web Designers

Check Out David’s Portfolio on His Wix Website

Visit Wix Stories to read more tips and first-hand experiences of professional web designers.

Self-Made: Success Stories by Web Designers

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