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Top Widgets to Add to Your Website

Getting yourself online is an ongoing process that doesn’t finish once you hit “Publish”. After you build a website, there are still things you can do to optimize users’ experience. And there are so many great resources and tools you can use for free!

With Wix, integrating 3rd party tools and widgets is really easy. You simply grab the HTML code of any widget you’d like to add to your site and paste it to the HTML add-on box. You can get creative and add all kinds of unique and helpful tools to your website.

In fact, we have a list of widgets to share that can really boost your website. If you’re interested in adding these tools, simply visit the below websites, create and customize the widget according to your needs, grab the HTML code and embed it into your Wix site.

Disclaimer: We only support Wix products and are not able to support 3rd party products. We chose the following five widgets because they’re known to be very reliable. However, when you decide to embed an external widget, we suggest you do some research beforehand and make sure it’s safe.

Wufoo Forms & Surveys

This great service offers a huge variety of forms – contact forms, event RSVP’s, polls, applications and many more. The customization options Wufoo offers are great, even for free users. The forms are easy to create and edit, and you can also get important stats about how users engaged with the forms. Very helpful for websites that need personalized contact forms or different kinds of surveys.

Google Search Bar

No need to introduce this one. The famous Google search bar is how you bring Google’s technology directly to your website. With a simple embed code, you can provide your website visitors with the option to search your website’s archive for specific keywords. The free edition is accompanied by Google ads, but these can be removed with an upgrade. Great for websites that publish a lots of written content.

Tiny Chat

Setting up a chat room on your own website is a no brainer with this service. Text, audio or video chat – Tiny Chat lets you create your own chat box for free in a few simple steps, and also provides you with great tools to promote your chat room on social networks. If you decide to add a chat room to your website, be sure you go through the privacy settings, as well as understand your responsibility as chat room administrator.

Mail Chimp Newsletter Subscription

Many online businesses need a newsletter service to keep in touch with clients and maintain engagement. Mail Chimp gives you just that. After registering to the site, you can set up your own newsletter, manage email lists and design your company emails. But how do you get subscribers? You allow them to sign up directly from your website – and that’s exactly what Mail Chimp lets you do by providing you with an HTML code.

Rating System

If your website is an eCommerce site or if you’re using your website to promote a product, adding customer reviews and ratings might be a smart move. Rating System is a service that lets you collect customer feedback in a very simple way. You can choose the fields that customers will reply to, moderate reviews before they go online, reply to customers’ questions and more. It can be a great boost for online shops.

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