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Web Design \ AUG 18th 2011

Hottest Web Design Trends Using Color and Texture

Different colors and the interplay between them reveal a lot of information to us on an almost instinctive level. Each color hits a particular area in our brain and every color we add to a website should be promoting the message we want to send.  Our Wix team of designers is always in tune with the latest color trends, implementing stylish new designs unto Wix templates you can easily make your own. Here are the latest color developments we spotted on the web design scence:

Solid Color Headers

Sites that use solid color headers utilize the strong effect of one or two colors to give off a sensation and experience.  This makes the role of color and its immediate conscious/ subconscious effect very immediate and significant. Consider this when you choose your website’s colors:
Warm colors– evoke warmth like red, yellow and orange.
Cool colors– make people think of cool colors like blue, green and purple.
Neutral colors– as the term suggests, don’t create much of an emotion. Colors like grey and brown are neutral colors.

Wix site:

Color Stripes

Stripes are fun!
What about adding even more color into the big pic? Using color stripes is a great way to give a site a vivid and dynamic personality.  Often times, different color stripes are used to identify, group or differentiate elements. Of course,  choosing the right colors is key.  Too much color, or erratic color, can give a page a confused personality.

Wix Site:

Texture/ Grain

As our screens’ resolution becomes more advanced, web designers have more options and greater ability to portray detail. Designs that use grain or texture have a tangible look,  giving us the illusion we can almost touch them. Textures can be subtle and hardly visible or the focal point of the design, depending on the desired effect. Many sites also use this style to emphasize certain page elements and de-emphasize others.

Wix Site:

To find out more and look at some more awesome designs, read our previous post on hottest new web design trends.

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