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Ideas & Inspiration \ JAN 31st 2011

Branding Your Website II: Products With Personality

Branding Your Website

In our last post – Branding your Website Part I -we  showed you how strong brands are developed over time through a set of human-like personality traits. Branding helps your audience relate to your products like relationship partners.

There are many creative methods to get your branding brewing, but our choice strategy starts with a technique to get you thinking about your website’s core values and character traits.
We’ve broken down the process into two steps, the first is a character analysis (think high school book report) and the second is language development (think crossword puzzles).

Step I: Character Analysis

An easy way to start the branding process is with a character analysis. Take out your pen and answer the following questions: What are your website’s character traits? Or, in other words, how do you want your website to come off to viewers? Is it professional? Down-to-earth? Serious? Funny? Does your site mean business or is it just spreading good vibes? If you met your website on the street, how would it behave?

Isolate between 5 to 10 character traits that make up your site’s personality and refer back to them frequently when you’re posting new content or planning a promotion. The character analysis will help you with the next step: developing its language.

Step II: Creating a Unique Language

The second step of branding is to develop a unique language for your website. Every person has their own vocabulary, a treasury of words that they know and feel comfortable using on a daily basis. Your website also needs this kind of treasury. If you’ve ever procured a keyword list for SEO, it will come in mighty handy right about now. Search engine marketing keywords are an excellent place to start for language development.

Another way to develop a unique language is to compose a list of frequently asked questions about your website, product or service. FAQs help you find your product’s voice, and are the basis for consistent messaging. Refer back to them when writing new content to make sure you use the same phrases. Remember, consistency is king in branding.

With a strong branding foundation for your website, you can be confident that people will understand what you’re promoting and will want to engage with it as customers or readers. The more you promote your site’s unique character and voice, the stronger its brand recognition will get.

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