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Google & SEO \ DEC 30th 2010

Top 5 Trends in SEO from 2010

Happy New Year!

At the risk of boring you with yet another countdown of 2010…we shortened the list to an easy-to-digest 5.

These trends in SEO were noticed by webmasters and SEO pros all around, throughout 2010. They’re good things to keep in mind when planning your website’s next year of success on the web.

  1. Local is Golden.
    Google is definitely putting a huge investment on local searches. Google Places was launched this year, giving small business owners more control over how they are listed in Google and Google Maps. Google tried (unsuccessfully) to purchase Groupon – a popular, location-based “deal of the day” site. Basically, if you offer something to a local market, the odds are in your favor when trying to gain traffic.

    • Make sure your Wix website includes your regional location. That means on-page contact info, and your state / city / region in your site’s Title tag!!!
  2. Spam Detection is Going Strong.
    Google and the other search engines are still on the war path to eliminate spam and spammy SEO techniques from search. Manipulative link techniques (link exchange, link farms and purchased links) won’t help in the long run. Google’s chief of webspam Matt Cutts, spoke recently of Google’s plan to devote more resources into spam detection. He estimates that by 2012, Google will be able to integrate link quality and authenticity into its algorithm. There’s talk of a new tool that will block link juice from passing through paid links on a page. For more on Cutts’ claims, check out this post by Search Engine Land. Otherwise, just keep it classy, and stick to genuine link-building.
  3. Social Networking Helps SEO – Bigtime.
    Getting “Likes” and “Tweets” for your website can go a long way for your ranking in the search engines. Evidence shows that at least Facebook and Twitter signal to Google and Bing which pages to rank, and where to rank them. Putting your site out there on the social web can work wonders for your SEO, and we’re seeing examples of this more and more.

    • Log into your website builder and slap a Facebook Like widget on your homepage. It’s free and easy and here’s a quick video to walk you through it!
    • Add a social footer to your Wix site – a super slick row of social icons that sits at the bottom of your site. Visitors can click on the items to instantly post your site to their Facebook walls, Twitter feeds, and more.
  4. Companies are Investing More in Paid Search
    Paid search results are those little ads that appear on top and to the right of organic (non-paid) Google search results.

    Every time you click on one of those ads, Google pockets a bit of change. 2010 estimates show that between Google and Bing, around $20 billion advertising dollars were spent on paid search, versus under $2 billion on SEO. What’s shocking is the fact that paid ads receive 15% of clicks, while organic links get 85%. People tend to “trust” organic search results more, since they’re not sponsored.

    • Invest a little bit on paid search. It’s likely that your competitors already are!!
  5. People are Searching Online More than Ever
    People are using the internet more than ever to find information, products and services. The days of calling a friend to find a good [restaurant/plumber/travel agent/hotel] are dwindling. At least, you’re likely to verify that friend’s recommendation by searching online for reviews and a legitimate-looking website before making a call.

Search is here to stay. 2011 won’t mark the end of SEO. Happy New Year!!!

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