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Social Media \ NOV 3rd 2010

Five New Facebook Features

Five new Facebook features MailChimp®

Photo By MailChimp®

Say what you want about Facebook — and there are plenty of opinions about the social networking site — it’s anything but stagnant. Facebook is always in motion, continuously rolling out new designs, options, and functions.  Listed below are five new Facebook features you should know about:

1. Groups are back.

Most business Facebook users have placed their focus on developing pages to share information and develop a following. Due to the improvements in pages, people lost interest in developing Facebook groups.

Facebook has now updated the concept of groups into a usable platform, which will give Facebook users the ability to group friends together for e-mail or chat.  This is important because it gives people the opportunity to target communication and information.

Don’t worry, the traditional Facebook groups are still active and available under the more button.

Mixed in with the groups roll-out is a new turn for Facebook worth noting.  Within your groups you can now collaborate on documents.   This is the beginning of turning Facebook into a productive work environment beyond chat, what you ate for lunch, and Farmville.

2. Facebook now allows you to download all your information and files into a zip file.

This was not allowable before, presumably to prevent account holders from moving to other social media sites.  Thanks to its high market saturation, Facebook finally has a little confidence.

3. Facebook added a new application setting on the dashboard that gives users control of how Facebook apps, games, and API- enabled Web sites use their data. This has been a concern among many users, who worry about how their information is being used by Facebook and third parties.

4. Facebook is introducing a new photography interface that will operate faster and allow photographers to upload larger files.  Read additional details and thoughts here.

5. Facebook placeshas been out for a little while in a few countries, including the United States. It should be a part of your geo-location plan.  FoursquareGowalla and others are cool applications, but 500 million of your closest friends are on Facebook.

This post was taken from “New Media Photographer” digital marketing Blog by Rosh sillars.

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