G’bye Facebook: How to Promote your Brand Outside of Social Media

March 17th 2014 | Small Business Tips

It’s no big news that most brands and businesses try to make the most out of social media marketing to promote themselves. Facebook and Co. have been good to companies and organization of all sorts and sizes.

Nevertheless, taking branding seriously means that you need to think beyond the social media paradigm. There is a whole world of opportunities for increasing your reach to bigger audiences, and we’re going to introduce you to some of the most important ones:

G’bye Facebook: How to Promote your Brand Outside of

Email Marketing

Email newsletters are still a powerful marketing tool that is not always acknowledged by small businesses. People tend to scan through newsletters in hopes to find interesting information or  special offers. Your brand can benefit from this if you’re able to create an effective newsletter.

Succeeding at this task means staying far away from any spamming techniques or wording. If readers won’t get the impression that you are offering true value for their time, they won’t even bother to click and read through.

To get started with a newsletter that works, read these helpful tips and check out the email marketing tools available in the Wix App Market.

Email Marketing

Events that Last

While it’s true that you can only interact with a limited amount of people by throwing events, and that the organizational efforts are often time and resource consuming, the type of connection you can create through a successful event is one of a kind.

The chances of turning people into long-term advocates of your brand is much higher when meeting them at eye level, listening and responding to their feedback. You can substantially reduce the strains of logistics by teaming up with similar brands or individuals with similar interests.

This guide reviews some key steps for planning a memorable event. You should also check out this fantastic post for some great ideas about word-of-mouth marketing.

Amazing Meetups at the Wix Lounge

Commitment to Causes

This is not some cynical advice for cultivating a good-doer image. The truth is that many brands DO stand up for good causes as part of their activities. Getting involved with organizations and groups that represent these causes is something that every brand should be doing.

By associating your business with a greater good, you send a clear message about your brand’s values and vision. This is no less important than your brand’s color schemes and logo.

Commitment to Causes

Brand-Effective Website

All branding efforts will prove to be useless if you don’t have a space that works as a reference point for potential clients. This is why every brand needs a terrific website. The strategies we mentioned above will all work as great “hooks” for getting people interested, but a powerful website is what will convert them into real followers of your brand.

Wix will provide with everything you need to get a spectacular and professional website up in the air. Get started with choosing a website template you think will be most effective for your online branding.  If you need some inspiration before you start, check out these outstanding websites – all created by the fabulous Wix user community.

Wix Explore Page


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