10 Great Places to Promote Your Music Online

Promote Your Site | July 25th 2013

It’s no earth-shattering news that the internet has basically changed the music industry for good. Technologies like file sharing, social media and eCommerce are giving artists more opportunities to expose their music to larger audiences and increase their fan base . But with so many websites and communities available, choosing the right online venues to promote your music on can be challenging. To help you make good choices, we put together a list of 10 great places to promote your music online today. It reviews the most popular, most effective online hangouts you should join  (do let us know if we missed something!).

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A rapidly growing mobile and desktop app that takes the listening experience to a whole new level. Spotify has almost every recorded artist on their libraries, so you would absolutely want to be there too. With their super-amazing Discover tool for finding new artists, your channel might get connected with bigger names that play similar music.

10 Great Places to Share Your Music Online


Independent artists are using Bandcamp to get their music out there on their own terms. This platform allows you to not only upload your music and share it, but also sell it for downloading. It’s a fair model that even big names in the industry are embracing.

10 Great Places to Share Your Music Online

Reddit Music

Reddit is the biggest thing on the internet that unfortunately not enough musicians are educated about. It’s a grassroots-style community for content sharing. You may not realize it, but many of the viral things you see somewhere on the web made it to Reddit first, and that’s why musicians need to familiarize themselves with the Reddit Music thread. Be careful, the hardcore users can be harsh on noobs. Just be respectful and authentic and you’ll make it just fine.

10 Great Places to Share Your Music Online

Last FM

Once you upload your tunes to Last FM, their smart radio knows where to play them and how to match them with the musical tastes of their users. You get a targeted audience that is keen on discovering new sounds. They also have a Royalty Program that guarantees you actually earn with every listening.

10 Great Places to Share Your Music Online


Rdio is not just an online radio – it has real power in the music industry. Real enough for the Pet Shop Boys to first release their latest album to Rdio users exclusively. Like Spotify (in fact, they are competitors), Rdio caters to a user base that is truly passionate about music and about constantly discovering new artists – and that’s why you want to get on that train.

10 Great Places to Share Your Music Online


Considered one of the highest-quality music streaming platforms right now, Earbits is very kind to both musicians and listeners. They have a “social currency” system that encourages users to share the music they hear on Earbits and rewards them for it. They currently have more than 100,000 tracks available – big enough to bring in a lot of users, but not yet too crowded so your tunes can still stand out.

10 Great Places to Share Your Music Online


SoundCloud players reach 200 million listeners worldwide. To put it simply, SoundCloud is way too big for any aspiring musician to ignore. The beauty of this platform is that it lets you stream your music and share it very easily on almost any interface. For instance, you can add a SoundCloud player to your Wix website and stream your tunes to your site visitors.

10 Great Places to Share Your Music Online

Twitter Music

Twitter’s music discovery tool only launched a few months ago and thus still experiences growing pains. However, this formative phase may be the best time to get involved and build a reputation on this platform. And still, we’re talking about Twitter here. Not exactly a lightweight. At this point, Twitter Music works with other players (iTunes, Spotify, Rdio), so in order to have your music playing to Twitter users you will need to upload it to other servers at first.

The New MySpace

Many people would not even dream of setting foot again in MySpace, but the recently relaunched dinosaur is apparently gaining a new following that musicians should not disregard. In its re-branding efforts, MySpace is again focusing on music as one of its core highlights. No one knows if this experiment will work, but hey, if it’s good enough for Kanye West, it couldn’t be that bad for you too.

10 Great Places to Share Your Music Online

Instagram Videos

Instagram has always been a fabulous platform for musicians, if only because musicians usually have cooler photos to share. Now, with Instagram playing video clips, the added value is tremendous. Sure, you only get 15 seconds to exhibit your talent, but it’s more than enough to get people interested. Madonna can show you how.

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