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New Features \ SEP 4th 2012

Introducing Wix Talks: Your Website, Your Story

Introducing Wix Talks: Your Website, Your Story

It’s always nice to get to know the people behind a website. With more than 22 million Wix-powered websites created worldwide, we have come to know so many amazing people with brilliant ideas and great talents. Now we can share their stories with the entire Wix community.

Meet “Wix Talks” – a brand new section that focuses on your stories and your websites. We wanted to have a space where Wix clients could tell their story in their own words and inspire other people with their beautiful websites.

What can you do on Wix Talks?

  • Share your own story and get featured on Wix Talks! Your website deserves the extra exposure.
  • View video testimonials and see “Behind the Scenes” stories of Wix websites.
  • Read testimonials sent by Wix users and get a taste of their experience.
  • Interact with other members of the Wix Community, exchange ideas and get inspired.
  • Meet Wix Pro Designers on our “Designer Spot” and get some professional web design tips.
  • Read official press releases. Be the first to hear about new features, read helpful guides and get to know Wix inside-out.
  • Keep updated on Wix News from the world wide web.


Get Talking!

Want to share your  own Wix story? Go to Wix Talks and send it our way! You can email your story to us or even send us a video. Don’t forget to add the link to your Wix website – we’d love to publish it too!

See what other Wix cliens have to say on these video testimonials:

Judith & Fred Tobal

  Steven Rasovsky

Vanessa Salgado


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