How Christian Schinbeckler is Making Someone’s Day Better

This June, we opened a new - and, for now, virtual - office in Denver, Colorado. We were (and still are) focused on expanding our Customer Care team in the U.S, in order to provide the best customer service to our users. To-date, we have more than 40 Customer Care experts in Denver. Christian Shinbeckler is one of them, and he was happy to talk to us about his new role.

“My role is essentially speaking with Wix users to help enhance their online presence through the Wix platform. When I’m not on calls, I’m answering tickets from users to solve common issues,” he says.

Before joining Wix, Christian waited tables, was a contractor for more than a year for NBC/Comcast in the Video on Demand department, and his last job before Wix was as a Customer Service Representative for a non-profit in Denver.

Now, as one of the first experts in Wix Denver, he feels he has a chance to add to the Wix Culture and be a part of something new. “It’s a chance to set the tone and create the culture for this site, so future employees can feel comfortable and welcome coming to work with us.”

What does Customer Care mean to you?

“Customer Care means going past just finding an answer or solution for a user - it’s about building a relationship and trust, so that way they realize that I’m not here to just give answers but to give them an experience that makes them feel proud to use Wix for their website. 

“Personally, I’ve learned that providing care during my calls changes a user’s entire outlook on ‘Customer Service’. I didn’t know what to expect when I was told I was a Customer Care Expert and not a Customer Service Agent. Really, I’ve learned that people just want to be treated like people. Giving a user an answer and expecting that to be enough was my old way of thinking, but really learning to build relationships and connections with Wix users is what I’ve gotten the most satisfaction out of so far in my role.

“To be a Customer Care expert you have to be a good person above all else. It takes courage, a positive attitude and a natural want to help people.” 

Where do you make an impact? 

“My background is in dealing with upset people, or people that are incredibly jaded about what quality service looks like. 

“The impact I have is reminding people (and co-workers) that it's all about the mentality that you bring with you to work each day. Staying positive and leveling with people and users about why they are upset or frustrated, and then using my personality and background to make their day just even the slightest bit better so they understand that one bad experience doesn’t equal a lifetime of bad experiences. 

“If all I do during  a call or responding to a ticket is make your day a little better and give you a better outlook on your Wix experience, then I’ve done my job and made an impact.”

What does a typical day look like for you?

“My day starts out with a Zoom meeting in the morning with my team. My team lead asks about how we are, and discusses goals for the day, such as asking powerful questions or working on roadmapping. 

Christian Shinbeckler working from home

“After the morning meeting I am on calls in different queues that cover different topics such as DNS, Editor, SEO, and Wix Stores. I usually wrap up calls by the afternoon around 1 PM. 

“After lunch, I spend the second half of my day going through self-guided training on our online education platform. If I finish my lessons before my end-of-day meeting, I try to answer a few tickets. Around 5-5:30 PM I head to my end-of-day Zoom meeting, where our team discusses how calls went for the day and something new we learned during our day.”

What do you enjoy most at work?

“Easily my co-workers and my managers. I think Wix did an incredible job in their hiring process, to make sure that everyone coming in is a good person at heart. You can be taught all of the technical skills, but you can’t really be taught how to be a good person. I feel respected and cared about as a human being, and that leads to more productive work and drive on my end, knowing that they care about who I am as much as they care about what I bring to the job. 

Denver Customer Carr Team Meeting

“The culture at Wix allows you to be yourself. It’s all about getting and making the most out of your personality and who you are. No one wants you to be a mindless drone that sits at a desk all day taking calls and answering tickets. The culture fosters your ability to say what’s on your mind and add your personality to your work because being who you are is the number one trait Wix is looking for.”

What was it like to start a new job during COVID-19?

“From day one, I always wondered what this would look like. Getting hired over the phone, being mailed your equipment and then being trained virtually every day was a completely new ball game for me. I’m honestly impressed by how fluid my training’s been, and Wix’s ability to still make me feel like a valued employee without me ever meeting my bosses or most of my co-workers in person has been a true blessing.” 

What’s the most important thing for you at a workplace? 

“Accountability and honesty. We’re humans, and it’s in our DNA to mess up. Being honest and accountable for our faults and actions gives us the opportunity to learn from and grow past our mistakes. No one is perfect and the expectation of perfection is unrealistic. Only through accountability and honesty can we become better versions of ourselves.”

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