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Junior Backend Engineer


We are:

Wix’s Backend Engineering group. We work in small teams, follow Agile work methods and use continuous integration/deployment methodologies with one goal in mind: to run as quickly as a startup, while maintaining the high-end quality of our product. We develop and maintain highly scalable systems that support more than 130 million users—and the people who visit their websites. We makeup nearly 50% of Wix’s workforce and invest 20% of our time in training our engineers and improving our craftsmanship. 

We are looking for a Junior Backend Engineer who will contribute directly to Wix’s cutting edge platform and impact millions of users.

You are:

A passionate engineer who can code well in at least one programming language (JavaScript, Java, Scala, Ruby, Python, or other). You are also familiar with object-oriented principles and functional programming. You hate over-engineering, love good names, and fight code duplication.

When you’re not at developer meetups, you can be found talking about recent programming trends and best practices to anyone who will listen. You’re friendly and like being a part of a team. You have good communication skills, always take ownership of your work, and proactively ask rather than wait to be told. 

As a Junior Backend Engineer, you will:

  • Research, design and deliver cutting-edge software that impacts hundreds of millions of users.
  • Contribute to core infrastructure.
  • Open-source generic components.
  • Be given a dedicated mentor, learn high-scale software design principles, and advance your TDD skills.