Head of Compliance and Underwriting

We are:

Wix’s Underwriting Team - we work to make it easy for Wix users to use online financial services. We use cutting edge technology to ensure that both us, and our users, are compliant with laws and regulations throughout the world.

You are:

A creative Underwriting Analyst Manager with at least 5 years’ experience of which 2 years were spent as a team leader. You’re familiar with the merchant landscape, payment network rules and the implementation of European and US payment service regulations. You’ve worked extensively in your field in an acquirer bank, payment provider or marketplace.

You’re obsessed with optimizing your time, as well as constantly improving both your, and your team’s, workflows. You’re good at finding innovative solutions to support large scale operations.

As the Underwriting Analyst Manager, you will:

  • Scale the Wix Underwriting Analyst Manager team.
  • Work closely with our Legal team to understand the regulatory/legal landscape in each country in which we work.
  • Work closely with the Risk and Fraud team to decide which merchants we should accept and which we should refuse
  • Investigate accounts and transactions to detect suspicious or fraudulent behaviour.
  • Manage, develop and train the Underwriting Analyst Manager team on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF).
  • Research new technologies and 3rd party providers that can help automate the KYC and AML processes.
  • Work closely with customer support to understand where we can improve the onboarding/KYC process.
  • Help build the best payment solution in the world.