Database Infrastructure Engineer

We are:

Wix’s Database Team - talented professional DB Engineers who form part of Wix’s Infrastructure group. We take charge of hundreds of production databases on AWS/GCP Cloud platforms in terms of deployment, development, management, and monitoring - with a total size of hundreds of TB. We work with Systems, DevOps Production Engineers and R&D on all of our databases’ infrastructure & applicative elements.

You are:

A Database Engineer with 3+ years’ experience in at least 2 of these databases: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, ElasticSearch. Your experience covers management, performance tuning, replication, application knowledge and Scale, HA and sharding where relevant. You also have 3+ years’ experience in Linux/Unix System Administration and proven familiarity in at least 2 of these scripting- languages: Bash, Python, Ruby, Perl, GoLang. 

You have excellent communication skills, and you’re an open minded and service-oriented team player. You’re skilled at multitasking, a diligent self learner who’s looking for the opportunity to work in a challenging company and use cutting-edge technologies to impact the experience of over 155 million users worldwide.

As a Wix DB Engineer, you will:

  • Deploy, monitor and manage production databases machines in an automated way, using a deployment framework on AWS/GCP cloud services.
  • Manage MySQL replication and MongoDB ReplicaSets & Shards clusters, Cassandra rings and ElasticSearch clusters. 
  • Handle application design, development and R&D support of Database Schemas and SQLs.
  • Develop & handle scripting and frameworks for monitoring, automations and deployment on all database services.
  • Oversee database security, storage, backup and recovery.
  • Perform database capacity planning.
  • Participate in 1-week-long on-call support shifts once in a cycle with all DB Team members.