Application Security Expert

We are:

Wix’s Security team - we’re the hands-on bodyguards who keep Wix’s information safe & secure. We protect the integrity of our data, allowing Wix to work well and efficiently. With an in-depth understanding of every aspect of our information security, we team up with business, developers and IT administrators, as well as other teams, to analyze the effectiveness of our security. We also communicate flaws in our systems, recommend solutions and develop tailormade best-practices to keep our company’s - and users’ - data secure.

You are:

An Application Security Expert OR experienced developer who’s passionate about security. You have in-depth knowledge of web application exploitation techniques and software development. You also have a great understanding of web application vulnerabilities, application authentication and authorization protocols, application security methodologies, secret management, PKI and SSL/TLS.

You’re excited by the idea of taking on many responsibilities, can work independently, and you’re flexible. Plus, you’re an open-minded self-learner who likes to stay up-to-date with leading technologies. 

Bonus points if you’re familiar with Node/Java/Scala programming languages, docker containers and kubernetes, AWS and GCP environments, cloud and microservices architectures, hands-on web application PT, Ngnix, Chef, Bash, Bazel, AppArmor.

As a Security Expert, you will:

  • Research, identify, evaluate and come up with the best solutions for security findings within Wix’s production environment.
  • Work closely with development and system teams on all SDLC levels, performing security design reviews, threat modeling and penetration tests, while acting as a security mentor for developers.
  • Investigate abnormal activities in production.
  • Build creative tools and services to detect and solve cross security issues.