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Customer Care R&D Leader

Tel Aviv

We are:

The engineering team of Wix’s Customer Care division. Customer Care is the largest, and fastest growing group in Wix with over a 1,000 Experts spread globally over 6 locations. We use our unique understanding of Wix products to provide support and inspiration to over 190 million users around the world. We’re responsible for creating customer-facing as well as internal tools to make our users’ journey as smooth as possible and our Experts’ work as efficient as it can be. 

We have a development culture that is transparent, highly technical and agile. We develop and maintain highly scalable systems that support Wix’s users and our Experts, all at the high standards of Wix Engineering.

You are:

A leader who can create a vision for your team and lead people throughout its execution. You have at least 4 years’ experience leading a team of 3 or more developers, and you want to mentor other engineers. You’re passionate, intelligent and unafraid to share your opinions when appropriate–but you’re also humble and respectful of the opinions of others.

You have at least 5-6 years’ experience in Javascript/TypeScript, HTML5, CSS and are familiar with FED technologies and frameworks (Angular/React/Vue) as well as backend JS technologies (Node). You’ve written production-grade code and are familiar with software engineering best practices (testing, code reviews, pair-programming, etc). You’re also aware of bad practices and anti-patterns.

Bonus points if you have developed, designed and maintained production systems, or if you’re skilled in continuous integration, continuous delivery and TDD.

As the Customer Care R&D Leader, you will:

  • Cultivate a creative dev environment where people feel strong, independent, and ready to tackle complex challenges head on.
  • Recruit top talented developers to our group.
  • Mentor and advise the team in code review, pair-programming and more.
  • Manage complex cross-company technical projects.
  • Participate in planning with Product Management to find the best solutions.
  • Discover the technical debt & challenges and assist in solving them.
  • Interact with stakeholders outside of the group.
  • Work as a part of the team in hands-on development.