Software Engineer (Systems team)

We are:

Wix.com’s System Engineering team. We’re responsible for defining the system architecture of the enterprise company, network and security standards, and maintaining our global infrastructure in offices and data centers spanning the globe. We design, develop and operate security services and components that engineering relies on to deliver solutions to Wix. 

You are:

Passionate about software engineering. You have the ability to use modern infrastructure management tools and services to build a massively scalable platform. You’re fluent in server-side technologies (Java, Go, Python, Ruby), and you’re an expert in databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, Cassandra, etc. You follow Agile work methods and use continuous integration and continuous delivery methodologies. You have experience in Continuous Delivery and Integration. 

As a Software Engineer, you will:

  • Design and implement orchestration systems and configuration management.
  • Design and implement services on top of Google/AWS/Azure cloud using modern technologies.
  • Implement CI/CD.
  • Develop APIs and self-service interfaces. 
  • Implement unit/integration tests, collecting metrics for debugging.
  • Take on domain-driven design, event-driven architecture, and microservices full-service mesh patterns.
  • Implement distributed computing.
  • Implement at context aware processing with NLP or machine learning.